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They got bored in quarantine and have since been travelling the world in a van

A family has been on the move for more than two years, with the children learning online and with the help of their parents.

Martin and Carina Simpson-Hughes have always loved to travel, a passion that brought them together on their first date. The couple have since had two children – Eden, 10, and Ivy, 8 – and now travel has become a way of life for the whole family, as they travel the world in a motorhome.

The couple from Hampshire, England, got fed up with quarantine during the epidemic, so they bought a Volkswagen T6 van for £18,000, added a further £15,000 and hit the road. The adventure didn’t just last during the summer holidays: seeing the world was such a great experience that the family decided not to move home.

Since then, they have travelled to Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France and Belgium, covering some 48,000 kilometers. The children study one and a half days a week in an online school, and are tutored by their parents on remaining weekdays.

They also take care to go to places where the children can get hands-on experiences and learn things more easily. It is also important for parents that their children learn about other cultures.

One of their daughters is dyslexic, which was a big factor when they switched to a travelling lifestyle.

According to the mother, they struggled with school for two and a half years and did their best at home, but the child still didn’t reach the level of children her age. Since then, the little girl has been getting the attention she needs and is thriving in the areas she previously struggled with.

‘I think for us it’s just about having the freedom – being able to raise our kids how we want to raise them, but it’s also about them being able to have their own voice’, Carina said.

The family has been on the road for two years, and recently bought a Roller Team T-Line 700 motorhome to make their everyday life more comfortable.

From September, they plan to travel even more and want to go more remote countries as well.

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