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Numerology: here’s what 2022 will bring you based on your Personal Year number

Are you going to enjoy a year full of love with your partner? Is a marriage on the books this year or you may meet your soulmate? Is it possible to improve your financial life and may money come to you? Decode the numerological messages of destiny and find out what the main predictions are for you according to your personal year number in 2022.

We are in 2022, a universal year with a numerological vibration of 6, where the focus falls on interpersonal relationships and responsibilities that relate to the self, family and loved ones, the community to which we belong, and the groups around us. Healing continues to play a key role in the energetic footprint of the year, and innovations and breakthroughs in this area will focus on healing, caring and humanitarian duties.

The beginnings of the year come with a powerful energy and therefore we should live through this period consciously, taking advantage of the energies, making the most of their potential and reaching our personal full potential. For this, it is good to know our personal year, as part of the universal year 2022 (6). The personal year reveals to us the individual directions for the year 2022, according to the date of birth (month and day), and helps us to better align ourselves with the energy flow so that we can improve our lives.

The calculation of the personal year is extremely simple:

Step 1. Add your day of birth + month of birth. If the number obtained consists of 2 digits, they are added together and reduced to one digit.

Step 2. The above figure from the date of birth is added to the universal year (6 in our case. By the reduction procedure, 2022 = 2+0+2+2 = 6). If the number obtained consists of 2 digits, reduced by addition of the digits until you obtain a single digit.

Step 3. The resulting number is that of your personal year in 2022

Example: How is the personal year in 2022 calculated for a person born on 27 October (27.10)?

By numerological reduction, the day of birth (27) is added to the month of birth (10). 27 + 10 = 2+7 (day) + 1+0 (month) = 9+1 = 10. Since the result is obtained from two digits, they are added together and reduced to one. Thus 10 = 1+0=1.

Add the result obtained from the date of birth to the number of the universal year 2022, i.e. 6. 1+6 =7

Therefore, the personal year in 2022 for a person born on 27 October will be 7.

Once you have done the calculation, below you can read the following numerological predictions of your personal year in 2022

Personal Year 1

You have just completed a karmic cycle in 2021 and entered a new cycle of 9 years. New beginnings are in store for you in certain aspects of your life, but you will also go through quite striking changes that will bring you greater independence, more freedom of action and new opportunities. In other words, you are taking the reins of your own destiny into your own hands with a tremendous inner desire to turn some of the less happy or inspiring situations in your life for the better, to move forward, to improve certain skills. You are strategizing, planning, acting, dreaming, implementing and collecting information; you are in top form this year and keep going on the right track. Some people with the personal year 1 are also planning their own wedding or a family christening in 2022, perhaps of their own child. Their marriages are thriving this year and provide them support in everything they do.

Personal Year 2

For those with the personal year 2, 2022 will be a positive and beneficial year, when patience, understanding, communication and love play a vital role in the relationships these individuals establish with others. Both in your career and personally, it is essential to invest in your relationships, nurture and develop them, and communicate in the right way. This year, you will have to implement some practical decisions that you already made last year but haven’t found the right context to apply until now. In 2022, the Universe gives you this context and helps you to fulfil your dreams. Continue to be confident, optimistic and hopeful. If you’ve healed your relationship with yourself, the partner you want will soon follow. Singles are letting go of their past and will have a chance this year to meet the right person with whom they can start a family (1 will become 2).

Personal Year 3

2022 represents a full and abundant year for those with personal year 3. There is a lot of energy, creativity, inspiration and work power stored in the energy of this year, which helps you greatly, especially in the professional field where you will have the opportunity to achieve great things. It is very likely that you will start your own business or expand it if you already have one, conceive new projects that will make you respected and admired, and you will be able to assist others in their endeavors too. Use your social skills to create some connections and collaborations. Money will come to you more easily than ever before, and you will develop more creativity in getting it too. Joy and excitement are the keywords of 2022 for you. As long as you allow yourself to enjoy your opportunities freely, success is guaranteed.

Personal Year 4

For those with personal year 4, 2022 can be the cornerstone of fabulous years to come. It’s a karmically and practically charged year that is largely about responsibility, which means that you’ll be working hard, with total commitment and dedication, to get your life in order, to break certain patterns of lack of commitment or noncommitment, and build a great future. You aim is to lay the foundations of stability and security in your life, but also to find new ways and resources that may be effective in achieving your goals. A number of people with personal year 4 will consider renovating or building a home, buying property, or perhaps starting new studies in different fields. Pleasant times in marriage and love are coming for those in solid and harmonious relationships.

Personal Year 5

To those with the personal year 5 we recommend that they allow themselves to dream and find the courage within themselves to take the necessary steps to embrace the changes they desire. Trust your intuition and let yourself go with the flow of life. The year 2022 encourages you in your new endeavors and is an expansive and adventurous year for you. Strive to get the job you’ve been dreaming of, travel more (safely, of course), explore new ways of living if you’re not happy with your current one. For you, anything is possible this year as long as you allow yourself to fly and dare to tread on previously unexplored territory. Have faith in your potential and rely on confidence, clarity and a good analysis of all your opportunities to make the transformations that are necessary for you to succeed. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, give yourself moments of relaxation and maintain your health carefully.

Personal Year 6

Those with the personal year 6 in the universal year 6 such as 2022 can call themselves the protectors of destiny. They strive for balance and harmony in everything they do this year, and the care and attention they show to family and loved ones will enhance their relationships. You are likely to spend more time with friends and loved ones this year and attract more love and harmony into your life. Singles may meet their soulmate and even marry this year, and those involved in a stable loving relationship may work to strengthen and deepen it further. Be open to love and it will find you! Children also play an important role in a personal year 6 and you will want, more than ever, to surround yourself with their laughter and playfulness. Some may even experience a new role in their lives, that of being a parent. You will take on your new role with joy, maturity and responsibility.

Personal Year 7

People with the personal year 7 are led by the universe to explore their own personal world and their inner self. This year, introspection has a fascinating power over them and they will often tend to analyze their feelings, spend more time with themselves, talk to themselves and find out what those things, people and situations are that they really want in their lives. The number 7 guides them to a year of rest, spiritual evolution and mental and spiritual reset, in which they want to improve their relationship with the divine. Business deals and collaborations with people abroad may bring unexpected gains, and your current job can be upgraded to a better one.

Personal Year 8

Personal year 8 is a year of manifestation and achievement and guides you towards certain decisions and moves that will give you more personal power and will strengthen you. There will be certain events and situations where you will need to stand up for yourself, speak your own truth with courage and determination, and expose your thoughts, ideas and plans. Without doing this too brashly, you will succeed in showing the world your true abilities. Abundance will also be on your side and you will manage to improve your finances and income, and even support your partner in life in essential matters. Some of the people with personal year 8 will assume the role of leader and create circumstances of prosperity for others as well.

Personal Year 9

The personal year 9 is about wisdom, spirituality, finality, and closing one cycle to make room for a new one. You will review the journey you have taken so far, will analyze all the experiences and knowledge you have gained and consider how to put it to use for others or how to make a greater contribution to the world. That’s why many of these people engage in activities such as writing, research, volunteering, philanthropy or humanitarian work, or in some other activity aimed to find meaning in life. However, make sure to end all your unfinished business before embarking on a new cycle and strive to learn the lesson of forgiveness and tolerance, both towards others and towards yourself. It’s possible that certain people who are toxic to you will leave your life or choose a different path, and you’ll break out of old patterns that no longer serve the noble purpose of your soul.

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