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March 2023 can be magical, as we are entering a new cycle of the zodiac

March 2023 can be magical, as we are entering a new cycle of the zodiac. In the month of Universal Vibration dominated by the number 1, the energy of beginnings and changes that can make a difference is reactivated.

If you’ve been waiting for things to speed up or happen in your life, if you’ve been longing for some changes and they’ve been slow in coming, March of this year might have some surprises in store for you. March 2023 is an extremely important month, especially from a numerological perspective, as it contains the vibration of the number 1 and opens the sequence of a new numerological and energetic cycle.

In addition, with March, we can consider the winter season closed, and the spring season wide open and full of possibilities, hope and magic.

The numerological energy of March 2023 seems to propagate a wave of creativity and creative force, and everything we do this month has the potential to have long term effects. Perhaps we are starting a new project, preparing for a new series of events in our lives, having extraordinary mental clarity or insight into how we view certain aspects of our own lives, perhaps we are experiencing a spiritual awakening or have just entered into a relationship or are renewing our feelings for our spouse, that we are in a new process of healing, introspection or even on our way to success, in the context of many people’s lives there will be some powerful moments of inner and outer movement to bring us closer to what we want or need for our evolution.

Consider this month as a sign that it is time to move, to set things in motion, to let go of the old, to engage in a fresh start or even restart something in some situations. A simple numerological calculation through the process of addition and reduction reveals that March 2023 is a month containing the energy of 1. Thus, 3 (March) + 2+0+2+3 (2023) = 3 + 7 = 10 = 1. March is also an important month from an astrological point of view, especially since Saturn will enter the sign of Pisces at the beginning of the month, and at the end of the month Pluto will visit the sign of Aquarius where it will remain for 3 months.

The energy of the number 1 is motivating and creative, it symbolizes creation, rebirth, new opportunities, a clean slate on which we can add whatever we want if we are open and ready to take advantage of the possibilities of the present and the future.

The number 1 can also be about newness, expansion and change, opportunities to grow and evolve, a symbol of confidence and power, the ability to act. What are those circumstances or aspects of your life that need a reset or a restart or simply need to be transformed so that you get to where you want to be? The number 1 is also about inspiration, it supports and inspires us to embrace small or big changes, to be more flexible and adapt to new beginnings where some are needed (as some of us are reluctant to change as change initially takes us out of our comfort zone), it empowers us so that we take control of our own future.

The number 1 is also independent, strong, courageous and even if the questions “Who am I? What am I doing?” will be on the mind of many in March 2023 (identity is required to be sought, identified with precision and certainty – I KNOW WHO I AM, WHAT I WANT AND WHAT I’M DOING. THESE ARE MY VALUES – but once that is established, energies will flow freely and channel in the direction you lead them), we must confess that the energy of the number 1 leaves little room for fear.

This number demands ownership and determination, it activates the path to fulfillment and satisfaction, it has the potential to revitalize our lives and remind us of the importance of self and that each of us is unique and special in our own way.

March 2023 is a powerful month with intense energy and enormous potential to manifest in our own reality all those desires we hold in our minds. However, we must also keep in mind that it is an ACTION-oriented month.

Our dreams do not grow by themselves, and our desires will take concrete form in the present when there is harmony between our thoughts, beliefs and actions. We have work to do, so we must roll up our sleeves, step out of our comfort zone if necessary, arm ourselves with patience, perseverance and love, convinced that we will fulfill those desires that serve our soul in the best way.

It is good to think positively, to have thoughts of abundance, fulfillment and success, to prepare our hearts to embark on the path of new beginnings or relationships, but remember that we are the leaders of our own lives and that every thought or intention must be matched by action.

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