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The first New Moon of spring purifies our souls. We have 72 hours to take advantage of its power

The first New Moon of spring cleanses our souls and puts us back on the right track. Magic is at home and connects our hearts with the divine power of the Universe. We have 72 hours to take advantage of the changes that the Universe sends our way.

On 10 March, at 11:00, the first New Moon of spring will rise in the warm pastel skies of March. Now is the perfect time to let go of the past and open ourselves to new opportunities and new possibilities for growth and evolution.

The New Moon in Pisces gives us the opportunity to connect with our divine essence and bring positive and beautiful changes into our lives. Through self-reflection, compassion and commitment to the process of spiritual regeneration, we can light the way to new beginnings and profound realizations. Let us open our hearts and minds to this gracious energy and move towards the inner light and wisdom that guides our steps on life’s journey.

The importance and power of this new moon in understanding the self and the world around us.

Communion with the self

The New Moon in Pisces comes as a call to connect with our inner self, with the depths of our soul. It is an auspicious time for self-reflection, meditation and introspection. Under the influence of Pisces, we can access our intuition and inner wisdom, finding answers to our deepest questions and seeking clarity in the directions we want to take in life.

Understanding empathy and compassion

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, which symbolizes compassion, empathy and connection to the divine. The New Moon in this sign invites us to open our hearts to those around us, to be more understanding and attentive to the needs and sufferings of others. It is a time to practice compassion and unconditional love, thereby helping to create a better and more understanding world.

Spiritual transformation

The New Moon in Pisces is the perfect time to release the old and make room for the new in our lives. Under this energy, we can release old patterns of thought or behavior that no longer serve us, forgive ourselves and others, and engage in a process of spiritual transformation and regeneration. It is time to cultivate confidence in our own potential and move towards inner light and wisdom.

The New Moon in Pisces brings with it a subtle, mystical and profound energy that affects each sign uniquely. Here’s how the New Moon in Pisces affects each zodiac sign:

For Aries, this can be a time of introspection and emotional healing, where they can put aside their hustle and seek inner peace.

Tauruses can feel an intense need to connect with nature and their own spirituality, looking for wisdom and beauty in the simple things.

Gemini may feel a strong desire to express their creativity and connect with their deeper emotional side, seeking inspiration in art and creative expressions.

Cancers may feel a strong need to bond with family and nurture close relationships, seeking the safety and comfort of their home.

For Leos, this moment can be an invitation to connect with their inner and intuitive side, encouraging them to listen more closely to their emotions and intuition.

Virgos may feel an urge to retreat quietly and engage in spiritual or relaxation practices, seeking wisdom and clarity in moments of contemplation.

Libras can be pushed to explore more deeply the hidden aspects of their selves and focus their creative energy in the direction of introspection and self-knowledge.

For Scorpios, the New Moon in Pisces can bring opportunities to heal emotional wounds and strengthen connections with loved ones, encouraging them to open up more and express their sensitivity.

Sagittarians may feel the need to put aside their force and impulsiveness and connect with their more sensitive and empathetic side.

Capricorns will be pushed to give themselves more time for reflection and meditation, searching for inner peace and wisdom in the depths of their souls.

Aquarians will be inspired to express their creativity and explore the artistic or spiritual realm, seeking inspiration in their inner world.

Pisces, being ruled by this sign, will feel an intensification of their intuitive and artistic energies, encouraging them to explore their inner world more deeply and listen to their intuition more carefully.

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