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Intuition, the whisper of the soul: the four astrological signs who possess the gift of intuition at the highest level

The following are the 4 zodiac signs who possess the sacred gift of intuition to the highest degree, a kind of inner eye that sees what often eludes logic and reason and can guide them through life.

Intuition is a gift, a form of knowledge that combines cognition and emotion with our own experience and, when properly developed, can help us navigate better and with a clearer mind through the haze of life. It has its role when it comes to making certain decisions and leading us in the right direction for us, it can give us guidance, insight, it can “tell” us whether something is right or wrong for us when other rational or logical perspectives seem to lead us nowhere.

The word comes from the Latin inturei which means ‘to contemplate’, ‘to look within’, referring to the fact that when we want to make the best choices for what is going on in the other world, we first have to establish a connection with our innermost voice. We can think of intuition as a kind of “special sense” that everyone possesses to some extent, but which functions as a sixth sense for some.

Here are the four zodiac signs that possess an extraordinary intuition, have developed this sacred and priceless gift, and allow themselves to be guided by the enchanted compass that lies within each one of us.

Intuition, the whisper of the soul: the four astrological signs who possess the gift of intuition at the highest level


It is for a good reason that Aquarius is said to be the seer of the zodiac; it seems that all the wisdom and intuition of the universe has come together to the greatest extent in this sign. Even if in their first stage of life these natives are not aware of their extraordinary gift, it is there and they will develop it throughout their lives. The Aquarius’ ruling planet is Uranus, the king of heavens and the seventh planet from the Sun, the planet of transformation, change and instinct. The Aquarius’ prospects are beyond what can be seen at first glance.

Although they may seem airy, idealistic or naive, an Aquarius has a kind of native intelligence that does not allow them to be manipulated or fooled, and enables them to see things exactly as they are, through an objective lens of reality. They see beyond the horizon and often hold futuristic views which, although not always in agreement with those of the majority around them, will be proven by time of their validity and visionary nature. An Aquarius often correctly and accurately anticipates events or the actions of others before they occur.


The sign of Pisces is also endowed with a fantastic capacity for empathy and a keen intuition. Water is the main element that characterizes this sign, and Neptune, the planet of fantasy, dreams, inner clarity, the subconscious and spirituality is its ruling planet; therefore, intuition is a kind of second nature for Pisces natives. They perceive the energy and vibration of people around them; they grasp the emotional states and feelings of others by intuition, and seem to read others’ thoughts and know what is going on in their soul.

In addition, when a Pisces does not know what to do or has an important decision to make, they step back, detach themselves from the problem and analyze it from every lucid point of view, and then put it through the filter of their intuition, listening to what their strong inner voice tells them. Pisces natives frequently experience premonitory dreams, sometimes finding solutions to their problems in their dreams and often feeling the strong connection between their subconscious and what they are trying to attract into their lives.

Intuition, the whisper of the soul: the four astrological signs who possess the gift of intuition at the highest level


Scorpio is the mystic of the zodiac, a sign with an inner fire that burns continuously, but also with a remarkable ability to access the mysteries of the spirit world and the soul. The great advantage of Scorpio over the other zodiac signs is that it understands very well the incredible power of intuition from an early age, feels drawn to the world of the invisible, the mental and the emotional, and will try to cultivate, by various methods, this inner force which it calls intelligence. A Scorpio has a mind that is always on the alert, analyzing in depth, seeing, understanding, staying focused and attentive to details, information and signs that others miss. It very often relies on its own intuition and trusts sensations, perceptions and ideas even if they do not necessarily have a concrete and logical basis.

In troubled times, in the midst of uncertainty, Scorpios close any pathways to negativity and pessimism and rely on their instincts and intuition to guide them towards light and smoother shores.


Even though it is an earth sign, Virgo relies heavily on its own feelings, and immediately detects falseness, masks or inauthenticity. A Virgo has a special perception and senses changes in energy and emotion. It is almost impossible to disguise yourself to a Virgo native or to pretend to be other than you are because their intuition is extremely keen, they have a special insight and understand very well the less obvious aspects of a particular situation.

A Virgo native is attentive to all details and seemingly unimportant things, analyzes everything from all angles, even people, and their critical sense allows them to remain objective regardless of the circumstances. That is why they are perfectly able to see and understand many aspects that others miss, they keep their composure even in critical situations and put everything through an intense process of inner thought and the filter of truth.

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