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The little girl announces her father that she will sing a song. The result melts everyone’s hearts

Parents often encourage the passions of their children, especially if these show a remarkable native talent. From the earliest age, children know how to impress everyone who watches their performances. The little girl in these pictures makes a special team with her father.

Claire Ryann is an adorable little girl who lives with her parents in Utah, USA and loves music and singing. She feels with great intensity all the emotions that a musical piece can transmit, and her father encourages her to sing and loves to accompany her.

In this video, little Claire tells her father that she wants to sing an emotional song. Claire and her father sit together on the couch and give an exceptional interpretation of the song “Tomorrow” in front of the camera.

Claire’s warm and gentle voice fills the song with a special expressivity. From time to time, she looks at her father as if she wants to see the reflection of the emotions on his face. She is incredibly sweet!

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