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10 questions to help you free yourself from an energy blockage

Sometimes in life we go through situations when we seem no longer able to find solutions. This happens because of a blockage of energy. As the events of our lives actually mirror our thoughts and attitudes, we must understand that if we open our perspective in difficult times, we will manage to take steps towards unblocking the energy.

The following questions will help you see that you’re actually in full control of your energy at any time. By asking these questions in tough situations, you will open up yourself to a new world of endless possibilities and you will permit universal energies to flow through you, giving you relief and acceptance.

1. What should I do to activate my heart energy right now?

Allow yourself to be still and concentrate on your heart energy. If you ask yourself this question, more energy will flow through you creating serenity right now, in the present moment.

2. How can I access my energy better this time?

Your body will always give you a signal that something is wrong with your energy level. You may feel stomach ache, heart pain, weakness in the knees or difficulty breathing. What you should do at these times is stay in that emotion, not ignoring it, and not denying it. Ask yourself what makes you feel that way.

Pay attention to yourself. Your emotions are often based on an old trauma you haven’t dealt with yet, and when you give it attention and allow yourself to look at it without judgment, it will begin to dissipate. You need to be aware that every time you need to make a choice, you can choose to act on impulse or in full consciousness.

3. Can this situation be solved now?

Too often we want an immediate solution and release. Any external or internal conflict needs time to be resolved. Slow down the pace and give yourself time.

4. How can I rise above the situation?

Ask yourself and the Universe will give you the answer. Either way, remember that there is a choice in how you want to regard your experience. Instead of seeing the glass as half full or half empty, see the glass as being beautiful.

10 questions to help you free yourself from an energy blockage
Photo: Matheus Henrin/Pexels

5. Am I open to see the divine plan in this situation?

Step back and see how everything unfolds according to rules beyond the comprehension of the human mind.

6. Do I have trust in the present moment?

Because of past trauma, the human mind always seeks to gain control of events. But we can learn to trust in the present moment. If we look at our lives as part of a divine puzzle, we can rest assured that whatever is happening now will lead to what we really want.

7. Is it worth my time?

Ask yourself if it is worth being reactive if you encounter a dramatic situation, and whether it really is a productive way to waste your time this way. You will find that the answer usually is no.

8. How can I give more at this moment?

Humanity shines through us when we give to others. Invest your energy into acts of kindness. Even smiling at an unknown person will open your ability to emit love energy.

9. Do I have the ability to see the situation from another perspective?

Asking this question also offers you the chance to free the energy blockage allowing the Universe to work in your favor.

10. Would the present situation really matter if you were at the end of your life?

Ask yourself if the event that made you sad and troubled is really as important as you think. Consider whether, when looking back to this moment, you will be revolted about how much time and energy you wasted. This question will remind you that life is too short for such suffering.

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