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5 signs that you have a karmic debt and how you can cancel it

Everyone has heard of karma, a term that is usually mentioned a negative connotation, as it is considered to be the result of inappropriate behavior that must be punished. However, karma is not only about the reverse side of the coin, it is also related to the past before we were born.

It is an idea that is based on the fact that we all have a kind of energetic debt to the universe. This is due to the fact that we were born in a certain moment, place and under the sign of a certain constellation. For this reason, we believe that our destiny is influenced by the decisions we made in previous lives and that we have an energetic debt to repay.

What is a karmic debt?

According to numerology, your karmic debt is associated with the cyclical nature of the universe and everything in it, including your cycles of birth and rebirth.

Karmic debt numbers represent the number of lessons you have to learn or the number of problems you are meant to overcome in this life, and are obtained based upon your birthday.

The meaning of your birthday, according to numerology

If you feel that you have a karmic debt that you need to repay, there are some signs that could help you identify it.

1. You seem to always be caring of certain people

Karma could influence your tendency to take care of certain people as a reward for the debt that has arisen from selfishness or humiliation that you have shown in a previous life.

2. You have a karmic relationship in your life

A karmic relationship is one that often feels spiritually fulfilling and extremely powerful, but is also toxic and emotionally draining. This happens because you have a debt to that person or, most likely, you need to learn a lesson about why the relationship is not working.

3. You frequently find yourself in situations that make you think

If you face difficult situations often, it may mean that you are currently accumulating debts in this current life or towards yourself. Try to learn from every lesson that the universe gives you and keep in mind that everything happens for a reason.

4. You feel like your life is standing still

You may have the feeling that you are stuck at a certain point in your life and cannot move forward. This can be associated with a karmic debt that you have to pay. Your instinct will tell you that the best you can do to evolve. Listen to your heart and do those things that will cleanse your spirit of the burden of karmic debt.

5. You feel like you live in a loop

Another sign of a karmic debt is that you frequently discover the same patterns happening in your life. For example, you may always attract the same types of partners or you may have the same repeated financial problems. These patterns can be associated with a karmic debt.

To break this cycle, you need to identify the reasons that bring you into such situations. It can be about an episode from your past or even from the past of a family member, which you took over from previous generations. When you understand why you are in certain situations, you can learn to avoid them.

How to cancel a karmic debt

There are several ways you can cancel a karmic debt, such as by meditation or by taking time to reflect on your life. You can also practice forgiveness and try to spread love and kindness around you.

Another way you can repay your karmic debt is to do good deeds or dedicate your time and energy to helping other people. In this way, you can begin to balance the negative energy of the karmic debt with the resulting positive energy.

Paying off the karmic debt may take some time, but it is important to remain dedicated and persevere in what you do. With patience and determination, you can reach a point where you feel that everything is unlocked and that you can live your life the way you want.

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