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5 steps to reverse negative karma and eliminate it from your life this year

Karma has an incredible way of balancing things out.

Good-hearted people always get the good things they deserve, while negative actions or attitudes often lead to unpleasant results. The good thing about karmic laws, however, is that people can break the pattern of negative karma, provided they follow the right steps.

What is negative karma?

Negative karma is the opposite of good karma, often characterized by the occurrence of bad things. You know you have a bad karmic cycle when things don’t go the way you want them to (it can be negative events that seem to go on forever, jobs that you fail to progress in, unpleasant accidents or unnecessary struggles).

Can you change negative karma? Of course, you can. Karma is reversible: you can change your luck and draw positive energy into your life. How can you do this?

1. Identify the pattern

As you learn how to get rid of negative karma, the golden rule is to first understand where the problem lies. It could be your career where things aren’t moving forward, romantic relationships that don’t seem to be flourishing, or even an unbroken chain of toxic friends. The whole idea is to understand the experiences or problems that arise from negative karma.

But to reverse this, you need to be truly honest with yourself. You can’t untie the karmic knots in your life without trying to unearth the behavioral patterns that lead to endless bad luck. Give yourself time to identify the things behind the negativity in your life.

2. Take responsibility for the negative karma in your life

Once you’ve been able to identify the mistakes you’ve made in the past, move on to the next step: acknowledge your negative thoughts and actions. Acknowledge that you are responsible for your actions. Identifying the problem is not enough, you need to go the extra mile and acknowledge that your actions have led to negative consequences.

Accepting and acknowledging your mistakes will help you close a chapter and free yourself from all the negativity, thus allowing positive energy to enter your life.

3. Learn from your mistakes

Clearing karma means learning from past mistakes. Good karma follows people who do positive deeds, which means you will only reverse bad karma when you change your habits and become a better person.

Remember that the Universe responds with the same energy you give off. You only have the power to clear your karma if you let go of negative actions, thoughts or behaviors.

4. Focus your attention on positive actions

Karma gives people what they deserve. You will attract positive energy by adopting positive traits such as love, appreciation, compassion, gratitude.

Being positive means understanding that your life is beautiful; it means nourishing your soul with peace of mind and telling yourself that, no matter what, you can overcome obstacles and that you are moving in the right direction in life.

5. Forgive yourself and forgive those around you

To send positive energy out into the Universe, you need to learn the art of forgiveness. Remember that not all people are good. So instead of stressing about your negative experience with some people, focus on the positives and life lessons that have come out of your relationships.

To avoid sending negative energy out into the world, you also need to learn the art of forgiveness. As you forgive people who wrong you make sure you forgive yourself as well because self-love is extremely important.

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