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25 positive affirmations that increase your vibration, and heal the soul and the Earth

Read these statements whenever you feel that external events overwhelm you or give you feelings of
insecurity and fear.

Whenever you feel anxiety or depression from exposure to negative news about the world we live in, remember that it is important to care, but at the same time it is important not to get overwhelmed by the negative vibration of these events.

The world we live in needs optimistic and loving people.

Mother Earth needs the energy from your smile, the beauty of your soul and your mind awakened to a new level of consciousness and determination. By the peace you bring back into your soul, you contribute to the wellness of the Earth.

1. Today I will show the world the light within me.

2. Peace is here and now.

3. I trust in the goodness of human beings.

4. The peace within my heart is deeper than words can express it.

5. I respond with consciousness to any situation.

6. I pray for Peace in the world right now.

7. Peace begins with me.

8. I choose to see the kindness of people right now.

9. I trust the future of the Planet.

10. I send love to all people.

11. I choose to love.

12. My world is abundant with kindness and love.

13. There is a lot of kindness in the world and I accept it.

14. I send peace to others.

15. How I perceive the world depends on me.

16. I send Mother Earth love and nurturing care today.

17. I consciously acknowledge peace everywhere because peace dwells within me.

18. It is wonderful being a part of the solution.

19. I send light and healing to all those who are stuck in a state of hatred.

20. My happiness is of benefit to the planet.

21. The peace in my heart is contagious.

22. Time has come for Peace in the world.

23. I never stop sending good thoughts and love to others.

24. I choose to focus on the peace that surrounds everything.

25. Society evolves towards World Peace.

25 positive affirmations that increase your vibration, and heal the soul and the Earth

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