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How to peel potatoes super fast with the aid of two utensils

You probably have both utensils in your kitchen!

Anyone who spends enough time in the kitchen knows that peeling potatoes is one of the most time-consuming phases of preparing a potato dish.

For a large batch of potatoes, it’s a quarter to half an hour operation even if you’re quick at peeling, not to mention the fact that if you’re not careful, you can get your finger caught in the peeler.

Although most restaurants work with pre-peeled potatoes, a chef demonstrated on TikTok how to use a fork and a peeler to remove the skin of a potato in no time.

The method is simple: stick the fork into the vegetable, then twirl it in quick motions to peel off the skin.

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This method avoids cutting yourself and wasting time twisting the potatoes in your hands.

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