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Why do the handles of pans have a hole?

Everyone has one or more pans at home, and all of them have a hole at the end of their handle. This hole is not only used to hang the pan on a nail.

The hole has another, far less known use: you can insert the handle of the spoon or other utensil that you mix in the food with. This way, the utensil will not become hot from the heat of the stove.

For those who never knew what the pan handle hole was for… from lifehacks

LPT: No where to put the wooden spoon, put it in the part with the hole in the handle, so the spoon doesn't go everywhere

Other housekeeping tricks

Clean stubborn stains on glasses with white vinegar. Spray a small amount on the glass and then wipe with a piece of paper. All fingerprints and other stains will disappear, and the glass will become impeccably clean.

Remove the oil from the stove with oil! If the stove looks disastrous after you have fried eggs and bacon for breakfast, here’s a little trick: sprinkle a few drops of vegetable oil and wipe the surface with a paper towel. All previous greasy stains will miraculously disappear along with the oil!

The grease and dirt on heat resistant glass dishes can be easily removed with crushed aluminum foil soaked in dishwashing detergent.

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