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Choosing the right priorities now – a list of things you will surely regret over 10 years if you don’t make a change now

We often make decisions that we later regret. However, we can avoid such dramatic situations if we analyze preventively the factors that could cause us pain and regret later.

Here is a list of habits that we will surely regret over 10 years if we don’t stop them now:

1. Spending more time online than offline

Yes, we certainly adore all the technologies we have access to. They guarantee our comfort and save us a lot of time if we use them properly. However, it is very important to find a proper balance between time spent on social networking and face-to-face time with friends. Often this technological “comfort” traps us and doesn’t allow us to admire nature, the light breeze of the wind and people who love us.

This is also why our productivity in our work continues to suffer. Time wasted online ends with a lack of time later when we need to catch up with our work. Be careful to organize your time well and interact with the virtual world wisely to avoid some unpleasant consequences.

2. Follow the dream or purpose of someone else

It doesn’t matter what dream you are following, if it’s in fact the aspiration of your parents, your partner or your teacher, it’s very easy to convince yourself that this is what you want. The problem is that you can’t blame anyone and anything else for this situation. Regardless of the circumstances, the choice of our dreams and goals always affects us and leads to another major independent decision: to prioritize or not certain things.

3. You ignore your own feelings

Do you feel that you missed the chance to tell your significant other how much you love him or her? Do you suppress any manifestation of suffering and inner pain whenever you are desperate?

Circumstances don’t matter. You never have the guarantee that you can ask for forgiveness, that you can show your gratitude or that you will be able to clarify all the problems at a later time. The problem is that the footprint of these pains will stay forever in your heart if you don’t deal with them when they arise. That’s why you should never miss the chance to talk about how you feel.

4. You work too much

We all have a certain social obligations, and we must support ourselves and our loved ones. However, you should stop for a moment and realize that when you work almost 24/7, you start hating your work and considering it as a burden, not as a pleasant occupation. I’m sure this is not what you want from life.

Take care what you do with every second of your life!

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