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Would you like your orchids to bloom quickly? Transplanting them in a certain way will help

Butterfly orchids should be transplanted once a year. The ideal time for transplanting is when the flowers fall or when new shoots appear. This procedure is important for the plant to remain healthy and produce lots of flowers.

Transplant the orchid even if it does not seem to have overgrown the pot. This is important because the air permeability of the compacted planting medium decreases, and the plant cannot develop ideally after a while.

Few people know, however, that an orchid should not be transplanted like other houseplants. Here is the proper step-by-step method.

Step 1: cut back the shoots

Cut the stem of the wilted flowers 1-2 cm above the second shoot, then cut the healthy, green stems 1-2 cm above the top shoot. If the stem has died, turned yellow or brown, cut it back to the base.

Step 2: pull the plant out of the pot

Lightly squeeze the pot laid on its side all around. Hold the plant gently and carefully pull it out of the pot together with the planting medium. If the aerial roots have come out of the cracks, cut the pot or break the clay.

The aerial roots need to be handled carefully. If healthy, they must not be cut, as the plant stores nutrients in them.

If necessary, free the sticking roots by sliding a stick along the inner edge of the pot. Shake the plant gently to remove as much soil from the root as you can. Wash off the adhering planting medium with a gentle stream of water.

Step 3: cut back diseased roots

Cut the damaged, dead, dark brown, black or softened roots with sterilized pruning shears. Leave the healthy, hard, green and white roots intact.

Step 4: place the plant into a new pot

Spread a thin layer of lava or clay granules on the bottom of the pot and place the plant in it. The uppermost leaf should be 1 cm below the rim of the pot. Carefully place new planting medium between and around each root.

Sprinkle some of the material on the sides as well. Do not cover the aerial roots with soil. If any root is covered, pull it out. Gently tap down the planting medium with your fingers. Do not water the plant for 3-4 weeks after planting, but keep the surrounding air moist.

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