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What is the thing you are not able forgive, depending on your zodiac sign? How long can you fight for love?

If you want a long-lasting relationship, you need to be aware of the things you can’t forgive, depending on your zodiac sign. These can also include betrayals in the family or with close friends, but the most sought-after source of love is within a relationship with a significant other. The stars say that we need to identify from the beginning the compromises we can accept and the ones we can’t tolerate.

Most of us have sensitive points that we can’t get past in any situation. Forgiveness is usually not impossible, but when we are faced with the fait accompli everything becomes much harder. One’s own personality can either soften the situation or distort it, if we really want harmony and peace. When we are honest it is much more difficult to be wrong, because the truth is always appreciated.

What are the things you don’t forgive, depending on your zodiac sign?

When you can’t forgive, it’s likely that it is because some deep wounds in your past. If you come to acquire the capacity for enlightenment, it can open the way to logical and natural thinking.

Not all natives can turn the other cheek when they are hurt, but when they do, they may feel quite happy. When they love passionately, arguments can even become insignificant, but it takes exceptional maturity to learn how to forgive.

Aries – can’t forgive betrayal

Aries natives love passionately, but can hate even more intensely. When confronted with something they were not aware of before, they feel cornered. They want love and passion, but when they don’t get it, they feel inferior.

Taurus – can’t forgive breaking promises

When entering into a relationship, whether it’s long-term or not, the Taurus native wants passion and trust. When these two things are missing, or even just one of them, everything falls apart.

Loyalty is this zodiac sign’s strong point, and they expect others to be the same. They can’t forgive breaking promises and when they feel angry, they react harshly.

Gemini – can’t forgive possessiveness

Secretive by nature but also self-confident, Gemini natives don’t want partners who are different in this respect. If you don’t know exactly what you want in the next 5 years, then you don’t belong with a Gemini. This zodiac sign can’t forgive possessiveness and feels constricted when their partner gets jealous, according to Yourtango.com.

Cancer – can’t get over loneliness

This native is overflowing with love and feels awkward if their partner is not. They can be brought into a state of anxiety when faced with a distant attitude of people around them, especially friends. Although they are willing to do anything for love, they don’t expect proof of love if they perceive that the feelings aren’t real. When they feel lonely, they will adopt a defensive attitude.

Leo – can’t forgive discouragement

Being a powerful sign, a Leo wants a confident partner by their side. However, if there are other qualities that appeal to them, he may overlook a lack of confidence. They cannot forgive discouragement on the part of their beloved, however. When they feel they have given their best to build a relationship, they check several times to see if they are not mistaken. If you underestimate what this native wants to communicate to you, the relationship won’t last.

Virgo – can’t forgive a lie

The Virgo native can’t stand lying. They do everything to make things better, but often find themselves tired from the effort. The demands they make for themselves may be the same demands they make for those around them. Although they have a great talent for forgiveness, the stars advise to be completely honest when around them.

Libra – can’t forgive conflicts

Libra is the most soulful zodiac sign. They can forgive you for anything you’ve done, that is if you’re honest to the end. However, when quarrels become a daily routine, there can be no turning back. Self-respect is a quality you find in this native, and they ca help you discover that you actually possess this undiscovered wellspring of wisdom yourself.

Scorpio – can’t forgive revenge

A Scorpio is gullible and full of love. When they find themselves in a conflict, they often give up the fight. That’s why a Scorpio can’t forgive revenge and thinks this approach is wrong. They can be affected both mentally and physically by certain inner conflicts that can have repercussions. The stars recommend forgiveness for the sake of people you care about.

Sagittarius – can’t forgive childishness

Although they do very well in the area of letting go and forgiveness, there are little moments in life that can be quite difficult for them. A Sagittarius wants everyone to let go of anger and hurt, but they are not willing to help anyone in doing so. They can’t see their own flaws and get agitated when unforeseen incidents occur around them.

Capricorn – can’t forgive disappointment

Especially if they have experienced disappointment over the years, a Capricorn will become more and more intolerant. They will be disappointed many times, and after a while they may find that trusting people around them may make them fall off their own pedestal they have been building with great effort. The stars say that the best way for a good life is to practice acceptance.

Aquarius – can’t forgive set conditions

This native has their own way of dealing with their problems and can end up creating an entirely different life than others. They need time to visualize their plans and do not want to have stability imposed on them. They are empathetic and eager to go on adventures. However, it is never certain whether these adventures will be undertaken alone or as a couple.

Pisces – can’t forgive vanity

Although easily forgiving, a Pisces native can’t stand vanity and doesn’t want to make the same mistakes over and over again. Although they tend to give people around them more chances, they tend to turn against someone when they least expect it. Even friends can take advantage of a Pisces’ kindness – for a while.

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