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He spent two years digging a tunnel so he wouldn’t have to go to his shed in the rain

It is not so lucky if you live in the UK and hate the rain. Colin Furze is one of those people. He was so fed up with getting soaked every time he got out of his house and into his shed that he decided to dig a tunnel instead.

He started digging in 2018, but he carried on with the works only when his neighbors weren’t home because he didn’t want to disturb them. He started in his own kitchen, but had to dig deep because he had to tunnel under the foundation of his house, the garage and shed.

It took two years to complete the 2-meter high and 1.2-meter wide tunnel, which is guaranteed to keep the rain out and allow Colin to get to the shed keeping his feet dry.

The tunnel under the building also functions as a bunker, having its own kitchen equipped with a microwave, sink and plenty of canned and dried food. The bunker has its own power generator for emergency situations. For now, the 42-year-old can watch TV or play on one of his games consoles.

Colin’s next plan is to take his garage driveway underground and create an underground garage.

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