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All people die, but not all really live

The greatest fear of many people is not death, but to reach the end of their life and realize that they have not really lived.

A study performed on this very matter involved interviewing 100 people on their deathbed who were asked what was the greatest regret of their lives. Almost everyone replied that they did not regret the things they did, but the things they did not do, the risks they did not take, the dreams they did not fulfill.

Wake up! Why do you exist? Life should not be only about working, waiting for the weekend and paying rent. Every person on this Earth has at least one talent. People do not choose their dreams, but dreams choose people. This is why you should ask yourself: do you have the courage to follow the dream that has chosen you? Do you care about that dream, or you let it go?

Most of the time we live outside our dream, and this is perhaps the saddest loss that can occur over a lifetime.

Most of us are afraid of thieves who come at night to steal our belongings. But there is a thief in our minds as well, that wants to steal our dreams; its name is Doubt.

Doubt killed more dreams than failures ever did. Doubt wears many disguises, and, just like some virus, it will leave you blinded, divided and turn your life into a “maybe”. And “maybe” is lethal. Do you know what “maybe” means? There are a lot of people whose motto is “maybe”: they would like to maybe change their career; they claim that maybe they should have a healthier lifestyle. “Maybe” is like math without numbers. If you would “maybe” appreciate a certain change, you will fall into the trap of believing that you will “maybe” get the results you want.

All people die, but not all really live

What is your dream? What ignites that spark in you? You can’t hope for something to happen – you have to want it with all your heart. Will you have to fight for your dream? Yes, you will. Also, you need to be aware that you will fail many times, but you should never count your failure. Just remember that there is no smooth mountain. If you want to reach the top, there are sharp ridges that you have to go over.

There will be times when you will be stressed or depressed. Steven Spielberg dropped out of film school 3 times, but he kept going. Television directors fired Oprah saying that she was not suitable for TV, but she kept going. Critics told Beyoncé she couldn’t sing, and she went through a depression, but she kept going.

Fighting for your dreams and receiving scathing criticism are prerequisites for greatness. This is the law of the universe, and no one can escape it. Suffering is part of life, but you can choose what kind of suffering is worth it: suffering on the road to success or suffering from being overwhelmed by regret.

Don’t think twice.

We have been given a gift that we call LIFE. Don’t waste yours.

The past does not define you; in fact, you can renew yourself at every moment. Right now. If you don’t act now, tomorrow it may be too late.

So, what invention do you have in mind? What idea? What remedy? What ability do you have that makes you stand out in this universe? ‘Uni’ means one, ‘verse’ means song. You have a part in interpreting this song, so take the microphone and be brave. Sing out your heart on the stage of life. If you start over, perhaps you won’t have a great start, but eventually you will dream and fight your way to a great end.

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