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3 zodiac signs who will break up by December – hard times are coming for them

The astrologers have revealed which are the three zodiac signs that will have to deal with various problems in their relationship until December.

It’s time to think things through a little more and break off those relationships that haven’t been bringing you happiness for a while.


You feel that you are stuck in your relationship, and you actually panic when your partner suggests that it is time to take an important step towards a shared future. This invitation has the opposite effect on Aries. They choose freedom, thereby ending a long-lasting love story.


Once you fall in love with someone, you work with all your energy to make the relationship happy and fulfilled. She does not give up easily in the face of problems, she stays with her loved ones even in the most difficult times, but she does not hesitate to end the relationship when she finds out that she has been betrayed.

He can never forgive a lie, he can leave a long-term relationship or even a marriage in seconds. If he finds out that his partner lied, he will never give him a second chance.


For Libra, balance is the key to a beautiful life. Fair, honest, loyal, outer and inner harmony is very important to him. By the end of the year, however, this well-established idyllic situation is overturned, as he learns that his partner is cheating on him. He will never forgive such a betrayal, so he prefers to leave a long-term relationship.

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