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Strength comes from within: what it means to be a truly strong person

Strength is a conscious change of a person’s unique life experiences. You decide yourself what it means for you to be strong.

Strength comes from achieving something with a lot of difficulty. Strength is made up from the desire to act in spite of the pain, fear and difficulties. It is based on resistance and the desire to move forward.

Strength is the ability to acknowledge and accept what we have achieved and what we have obtained. Most of the time, we experience whatever happens to us without realizing how much effort it took us to get to the point where we are.

Also, we tend to disregard the importance of the experiences, focusing exclusively on the final results and not on the progress.

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t,” says Ricky Rogers.

The capacity to concentrate on the small but important steps, achievements and successes can fill us with strength. We are empowered by following our progress and by celebrating our small successes.

Strength comes from within, from moments of awakening to our beliefs and hopes. From moments when we understand why we do what we do, even when this is difficult.

We are empowered by our capacity to behave according to our fundamental values and to live with integrity, even when nobody is watching us or when we find ourselves in a difficult situation.

If we have a clear notion about what is truly important for us, we will become stronger. If we believe in the existence of a superior plan and in the final result, we can feel stronger even if we cannot really explain why.

Sometimes strength comes from within, when we are surrounded by people who motivate us and can see our value, even if we ourselves are not aware of these values. Strength comes from a person as a response to their decision to surround themselves with goodness, inspiration, motivation and appreciation.

Strength comes from choosing some good role models and learning from them. Strength also comes as a result of the ability to look at ourselves the way those look at us who see our greatness and light, even if we ourselves can only sense our shortcomings, weaknesses and defects.

Strength comes after we learn our lessons, often disguised as horrible mistakes and painful failures.

Strength comes from moments of which we are truly proud and which we accept as truly representing what we are and what empowered us to succeed. We can use this strength in many different ways and in all areas of our life.

What makes a person strong is self-knowledge and self-awareness. When we start learning more about ourselves, we learn to take decisions that are more relevant for our needs, that help us to reach our goals and allow us to be ourselves. If we learn something in a deeper way, our actions will be improved as well.

Here’s why:

The strongest people have been through very difficult trials at some point in their lives. They know what to accept and what to refuse. They are proud of themselves while being humble and honest. They choose their social circle with wisdom and are able to accept help, compliments and advice gracefully.

The strongest people cry a lot and allow themselves to feel everything without restraint.

The strongest people are also the best of us.

The strongest people possess an inner richness that is invisible to the eye.

The strongest people know how to ask for forgiveness and they are able to forgive others.

The strongest people are able to forgive themselves as well.

The strongest people have hit rock bottom and then slowly, with courage and perseverance, have found their way upwards, despite their wounds, bruises and pain.

The strongest have an incredibly big heart, which becomes even bigger after each unfortunate event they experience.

The strongest people have gone through a lot of hardships, but they still find sufficient strength to light other people’s life with their bright and honest smile.

The strongest people teach us every day how to be a bit stronger ourselves.

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