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The special plant you must have in your home in December to attract money and luck into your life

A plant that is ideal to decorate your home with or give as a gift

Houseplants are often associated with luck and abundance in many cultures. The month of December is strongly associated with a flower that is good to have at home, at the office, but also to give as a gift to loved ones. What is the special plant with which to decorate the home on the eve of the Holidays.

The special plant that attracts luck in December

The month of December is associated with gifts, with a Christmas tree and with some traditions and superstitions. If you want to be lucky this month, it is said that you should not miss placing a poinsettia in your home. The large, red flowers of this beautiful plant are ideal both to decorate your home or office with, or to be given as a gift.

The effects of this plant are known in both Feng Shui and other cultures. The Christmas tree brings the magic of the holiday, it is the main symbol of the holiday, and poinsettia, the Christmas flower comes as a close second along with mistletoe, the symbol of abundance.

What other plant brings good luck around Christmas

Poinsettia is not the only one associated with luck around the holidays. Many Christmas tables, in many countries of the world, are decorated with holly, a small bush with green leaves, notched on the edge, and red berries, which look like currants.

This plant can also be purchased in the artificial version, to decorate the festive table or to be placed on the entrance door.

Holly is a plant that is also used for decoration at Christmas to bring abundance, prosperity and good luck. Its use as a decoration during the darkest time of the year dates back to ancient times. This is also true for poinsettia, which only blooms during Christmas, as if it was created by the Universe to bring color and hope in the darkness.

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