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The place in your home where orchids should be placed to ensure good luck

Feng Shui experts believe that the plants and objects you place in your home can greatly influence your mood and bring happiness and well-being into your life. Orchids, some of the most loved flowers, can bring you good luck. But where to place them in your home?

Why it’s advisable to have orchids in your home

Experts believe that you should keep orchids in vases in your home if you want to attract good luck and abundance to your household. These luxurious flowers would not only be ideal for decoration, but they also help you attract positive energies.

This famous houseplant is known to have a very special spiritual significance. The orchid is said to bring wealth and prosperity, characteristics that recommend it as the ideal choice if you wish to have flowers in your home.

Orchids are at the same time pleasing to the eye, have an intoxicating scent and are very easy to care for. Although the orchid is a delicate flower, it will last for many days if you care for it responsibly.

As you already know, orchids are houseplants that require light, but it’s not recommended to position them in direct sunlight, according to PanoramaWeb.

Oncidum orchids attract financial success

Therefore, the best places to place orchids are staircases, the living room, near a window, and the kitchen, where the good luck vibes are the strongest, experts say.

Oncidum orchids are famous for helping you earn more money. This indoor flower has yellow petals and attracts money like a magnet.

It’s best to keep this flower in your office, living room, kitchen or workplace, or any place where you do your work.

Be careful not to over-water orchids, as this is the main factor that causes them to wilt. How do you check if your houseplant has enough water?

All you have to do is insert your finger into the pot to feel whether the soil is dry or not. Remember that orchids should be watered every 7 or 8 days, depending on the temperature and humidity in your home.

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