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Mantras for the year of 2021 that can bring abundance and prosperity in your life

We have prepared for you a wonderful mantra for every month of 2021 that you can repeat to attract abundance and prosperity into your life.

Mantra for January

I am open to receiving all the beautiful things the Universe has prepared for me. I am open to changing my life. I am open to enjoying every special thing that happens to me.

Mantra for February

I deserve prosperity. I deserve to be successful. I deserve to have an abundant life. My dreams are coming true.

Mantra for March

I am grateful for everything I have achieved so far in my life. I thank the Universe and I am ready for the next step.

Mantra for April

I deserve to have a prosperous future. I am ready to receive everything the Universe offers me.

Mantra for May

The Universe is now fully contributing to my prosperity.

Mantra for June

I now open my mind to the endless prosperity that surrounds me everywhere.

Mantra for July

Financial security is a constant in my life. I enjoy the full support of the Universe.

Mantra for August

I trust that everything will be good. I trust that things will change soon. The Universe has a beautiful plan for me. Everything will be good financially.

Mantra for September

I create abundance for myself and all the people around me.

Mantra for October

I always find opportunities to fulfill my dreams and make a big profit.

Mantra for November

God inspires me and gives me the opportunities to get what I want.

Mantra for December

I joyfully and generously give back from what I have received.

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