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How long can a Christmas tree last indoors? Useful ideas and tricks to keep your Christmas tree fresh for a long time

The Christmas holidays are a special time of year when young and old gather around the Christmas tree. Before putting the star on top of the tree, you’ll need to choose between several species of natural trees, although artificial or potted ones may also be an option. Many fir trees are cut down a few weeks before they go on sale. So if you’re buying a pre-cut tree, ask the seller for the date the harvest was done and add at least a week or two extra from this stage. Do the math so that it won’t be 3-4 weeks since the tree was cut down so you have time to purchase it elsewhere.

Before buying a tree, inspect it by touching its needles. They should be flexible and hold firmly in place. If the needles are already dry and brittle, the tree won’t last through the holiday season. The fresher the needles, the better.

A quick test helps you check the freshness of the tree. Raise it to about six inches and let the base of the trunk fall back to the ground. If too many needles fall, the tree is not fresh. It goes without saying that the best way to make sure you have a fresh tree that will last a long time is to cut it yourself at a local nursery. A good natural fir tree smells pleasant, won’t lose needles under the weight of globes and garlands, and will be heat resistant.

How long can a Christmas tree last indoors? Useful ideas and tricks to keep your Christmas tree fresh for a long time

Useful tips and tricks to keep your Christmas tree fresh for longer

Once you’ve bought your tree, don’t rush to put it up indoors. Leave it in the garage/on the balcony/under a tarpaulin for at least 24-48 hours, or until it’s time to decorate it. When you move the tree into the house, quickly remove the netting it was wrapped in to prevent the tree from overheating.

Short water bath

It is advisable to gently trim the base of the tree and submerge it for a few hours in water. Also, the stand of the tree should allow for refilling the dish with water whenever needed. “This is the secret to making the tree last as long as possible. Just like flowers, it needs water and a large tree can absorb up to 2-3 liters in a few days,” writes impact.ro.

Keeping the tree away from heat sources

A tree set up next to a chimney fire is a moving picture, but not the best idea if you would like to keep it fresh longer. Any heat source, such as a radiator, fireplace, bright lighting or TV will dry out the tree, discoloring it and causing it to lose its needles, or even to catch fire, so the tree should be placed as far from heat sources as possible.

Choosing the place of the tree

Think carefully about where you place the tree, so that it doesn’t block the way. Also, fir trees don’t like draughts, and if anything rubs against them, they will drop their needles.

Spraying the tree with water

Before decorating the tree, it is advisable to spray it with water at room temperature.

Using a sand bucket

Ideally, the tree should stand in a bucket half-filled with moist sand, and it should be watered again after 1-2 days.

Avoid using artificial snow

Artificial snow will dry out the branches of the tree.

How long can a Christmas tree last indoors? Useful ideas and tricks to keep your Christmas tree fresh for a long time

Provide sufficient water

The base of the tree should never dry out. A Christmas tree with a 10 cm diameter trunk absorbs about 4 liters of water per day. Make sure your tree stand has a capacity of at least 4 liters. Some people use a funnel with a one-meter-long pipe or tube to make it easier to fill the bucket. Others add corn syrup or nutrients for cut flower to the water to keep the Christmas tree fresh. Experts say that these additives aren’t necessary, but they don’t harm the tree either.

Monitor humidity

If humidity levels are low in your home, as they often are in December, using a dehumidifier is beneficial for your tree. Spraying your tree occasionally can help keep it looking fresh fro a longer time.

Keep your tree away from bananas

Bananas release a type pf gas called ethylene, a plant hormone that speeds up the ripening of other fruits or vegetables nearby. Ethylene also affects the Christmas tree, speeding up needle fall.

Use a vodka and lemonade cocktail

Alcohol will help destroy bacteria in the water. Add a full cap of vodka and lemonade mixture to the water in which you keep the tree every two days.

Aspirin tablets

A few aspirin tablets dissolved in the water Christmas tree will give it a boost to keep it as green as the day you bought it. They’ll also keep bacteria away.

Copper coins

Placing a few copper coins in the water is a less harmful alternative with antimicrobial properties.

Tree food

Make a mixture of 4 teaspoons of white vinegar, 1 cup of white sugar and 4.5 liters of water to feed the tree.

Don’t overdecorate the tree

An over-adorned tree with heavy globes, full of bulbs or warm plant lights will end up with the needles drying out quickly and the branches drooping.

Keeping your Christmas tree fresh throughout the holidays will make you enjoy its natural scent and green color for longer. Not to mention you’ll discover fewer needles on the floor.

By following these suggestions, your tree will delight you and your family all holiday season long.

Merry Christmas!

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