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A wise teacher’s message to young people: “It is not true that you are not good for anything”

Today’s youth are under increasing pressure to succeed in an ever-competitive and rapidly changing world. At the same time, they often do not receive adequate support from adults, including their teachers, and instead are often told that they are “good for nothing”.

And this negative stigma can have a serious impact on their self-confidence and self-esteem, and they end up believing that they have no chance of being successful and making a difference in the world.

A teacher who finds this situation worrying wrote an open letter to today’s youth, in which he encourages them to ignore the negative comments, discover their own abilities and develop them, because the power is in their hands, with which they can change the world.

I speak to you now with deep concern and fear. As a teacher with several decades of experience, I noticed a radical change in the behavior of today’s young people and their attitude to learning and personal development. I am sad to say that most of these changes are negative, leading to a lack of confidence in their own abilities and a general apathy towards education and life.

Although many of these changes are caused by social and economic factors, which create an increasingly complicated situation, there is another factor that has a direct impact on the self-confidence and performance of young people: the statement that “you are good for nothing.”

This is a message that the older generations have been conveying to the younger ones for a long time, but today it seems more powerful and widespread than ever before.

This message is harmful and wrong. It is harmful because it undermines young people’s confidence in their own abilities, and it is wrong because it has no basis whatsoever. On the contrary, today’s youth are more informed and educated than previous generations. They can do amazing things and make significant changes in the world. But for this to happen, they need to believe in themselves and their ability to improve.

That is why I would like to make a statement: It is not true that you are not good for anything. You can achieve anything you want as long as you believe in yourself and are committed to learning and improving.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone has their own path and their own abilities. There is not just one “right” path to success and happiness. Focus on improving yourself, not on what others are doing. Learn from your mistakes and see them as opportunities for growth.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable in life. There is not a single person in the world who has not made mistakes. Don’t be afraid to try new things and challenge yourself.

Don’t underestimate the power of education. Learning is not just about getting a degree. It is about developing your skills and knowledge that will help you change the world. Do not stop studying after graduating from school or university.

Do not underestimate the importance of inner values and ethics. In a world where the emphasis is on material success, true values and ethics are often forgotten. Yet these things are fundamentally important for a full life and a healthy society. Be honest and show kindness and compassion towards others.

Don’t underestimate your own abilities. It is possible that you seem to be insignificant in the crowd and unable to make an impact on the world around you. But everyone can make a difference, even with the smallest actions. Be active and take part in solving the problems of the community and the world.

Dear young people, you have the ability to make a significant difference in the world. Don’t let the damaging message of “you’re good for nothing” get in your way. Trust yourself and your ability to improve.

Evolve yourselves and fight for what is right and valuable. Together we can make the world a better place for everyone.”

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