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Men with certain character flaws you should avoid

When a woman starts a new relationship with a man, she may lose her sense of reality and often ignores some significant character flaws of the man. She emerges herself deeper and deeper into an unhealthy relationship and she may pay a heavy price at the end.

You should always stay away from men with the character flaws below.

Emotional instability

Some men simply can’t control their emotions, which fluctuate constantly between high and low extremes. They may oscillate between romantic and aggressive without any warning. You may never know when the next outburst comes, and how cruel their anger and resentment will be once something triggers these emotions.

They may behave like a dynamite: they will explode at the slightest inattention or mistake on your part, and you may really feel like no matter what you do, you can’t prevent such frightening episodes.

Too egocentric

It is normal that people tend to think of their own feelings and interests first. But if a man is too egocentric and can’t seem to realize that others have needs too, life with him will be boring or even frustrating. Egocentric people rarely consider other’s feelings, and they always focus solely on their own needs and interests. Connected to this tendency, they feel superior to others and don’t even try to hide their sense of superiority, and expect you to always do what they want and shower them with attention and care.

When you go out, he always chooses the restaurant where he likes to eat, that serves his favorite foods, and doesn’t worry about your taste and preferences. When you go shopping, he always buys what he likes. When you want to watch a movie together, he always chooses a movie he wants to watch without asking what you would prefer.

He runs from responsibilities

When they confront problems, such men prefer to run instead of actively trying to find a solution. Of course, the problems they avoid won’t disappear on their own. An evasive attitude will only lead to the deepening of contradictions, and at the end will have consequences that can’t be reversed.

Men without the sense of responsibility choose to pretend that there is nothing wrong, even if their life seems to collapse and conflicts appear in their relationships.

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