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What is a toxic relationship, how to recognize it and how to get out of it?

What is a toxic relationship and what are the signs that you should leave it? There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship; for the most part, however, a relationship should make you feel safe, happy and free to be yourself. If you often struggle with the feeling that your current partner makes you feel exhausted, unhappy and sometimes even troubled, you might be in a toxic relationship.

It’s perfectly normal to bicker from time to time or have disagreements in your relationship. But in a healthy relationship you need to make decisions together. You need to openly discuss any problems that arise and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Toxic relationships are another story. In a toxic relationship, you might constantly feel exhausted or unhappy after spending time with your partner. Which means things need to change.

What is a toxic relationship and what are the main signs?

When you’re in a toxic relationship, it might not be easy for you to notice the red flags that pop up. Although they’re fairly obvious, these signs become harder to deal with only as your partner’s attitude changes. Here’s how to recognize a toxic relationship and how to get out of it.

Lack of support

You give your partner all the support they need, and you’re even willing to give up your own plans for them. Unfortunately, however, you notice that your partner’s interest and priorities are different. Healthy relationships are based on a mutual desire to see each other happy. But when things get toxic, every achievement becomes a competition.

Your partner may become selfish or even dissatisfied and feel the need to take up all your time if they see that you are always available to be there for them. In short, your time together is no longer positive. In turn, you don’t feel supported or encouraged and can’t rely on them when you need to. You may sometimes feel that your needs matter too, but you eventually realize that they always put their own interests first.

Constant stress

When you think of a happy relationship you previously experienced, you may realize that your current relationship has come to cause you constant stress. You end up feeling insecure, sad and often wonder if you’re doing something wrong. If you find yourself constantly unhappy, especially when you’re not experiencing stress from other sources, these states should give you serious pause for thought.

This kind of ongoing stress can affect your physical and mental health. You may often feel mentally exhausted because you can’t figure out why your relationship isn’t working. The problem isn’t with you when you’re the only one who’s involved and wants it to be okay.

You ignore your own needs

The partner in a toxic relationship is often a selfish person. They see that you are unhappy, but their emotional comfort is more important. That’s why they tend to draw you more and more into this unhealthy relationship. If you often end up doing whatever they want, even when these things are against your wishes or comfort level, these are clear signs of toxicity. When you ignore your needs and desires just to see them happy, while you’re increasingly exhausted, you need to see the red flag.

How to get out of a toxic relationship

Although you have plenty of reasons that should make you want to end such a relationship, it’s rarely easy to make the decision to break up. And the other person won’t, because they have everything to gain from the relationship. You need to analyze the situation very thoroughly and be honest with yourself.

If you are unhappy and still hope that they will change, well, it probably won’t happen soon. Maybe they have some problems from previous relationships, but don’t admit it. Without healing, they will only draw you into a totally unhealthy relationship that ends up eroding your strength every day.

With patience and the help of your loved ones you will get over this separation. Remember that there is no excuse for indifference and selfish behavior. In a relationship you should at least get back as much as you give, so it’s time to move on when you’re not appreciated.

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