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Stress is not a condition of the brain, but of the nervous system

Stress is a disorder. Whenever were in a stressful situation in the past, have you ever wondered why you cannot dictate your mind to relax? It seems that stress does not come from the brain, but from the nervous system.

Whenever you face a stressful event and feel that you have no control over the situation, the nervous system is activated, which is responsible for controlling automatic senses and functions for staying alive, such as breathing.

This leads to a fight response by the production of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, which are released from the adrenal glands. These hormones provide the necessary energy to escape frightening situations.

However, in the modern age we constantly face situations where we cannot simply run away.

Experts say that these situations create trauma, because the body cannot have a physical response to a stressful event. To overcome stressful situations, it is useful to deal with these hormones and relieve stress by releasing them physically, by screaming, crying and so on.

Stress is not a condition of the brain, but of the nervous system

Being in a constant state of stress can lead to a disaster in the body.

Stress causes dissociation and release of hormones. By understanding that it is beyond our ability to control stress mentally, we may become more self-aware and more determined to cope with these emotional responses.

Instead of staying in a state of fear and believing that you are a victim, you can move on to a state of understanding and compassion. The physical responses of the body to stress can be soothed by activities such as yoga, hiking, exercise, deep breathing, conscious meditation, listening to music and going out into nature.

This will allow you to have a life full of compassion, love and happiness, while disengaging from previous traumas.

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