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5 signs that the man you’re with is controlling your life

Here are the signs you should watch out for if you feel that your partner is more concerned with controlling you than making you happy.

We’ve all had a girlfriend (or boyfriend) who at one point almost disappeared from our group, stopped coming to events and their behavior changed. The reason? They started a new relationship and ended up being controlled by their partner.

Want to find out if you’re in a relationship where your life is being controlled? Then read on. Here are the signs that the man you are with is controlling you.

1. He tries to change you

Every day we learn from what we experience and we change according to our experiences and events. However, when someone is constantly trying to change who you are, you need to take a step back and question yourself, because this is not a promising situation at all. Controlling is a trait that a manipulative person tends to possess.

If the man you are with now is not happy with you and you feel like he is always trying to mold you and change you so that you do what he says, take a closer look at the relationship you are in and see what you need to do to make it work for you in the future.

2. You get little support from him, or none at all

This is one of the most common signs – and it tells you clearly that you are being controlled. We are blessed with opportunities in life, and from time to time these involve some personal and emotional sacrifices (e.g. for a while you have to put your romantic relationship on the back burner). If the man you’re with can’t see the importance of opportunities for you and you don’t get any support from him, then he clearly doesn’t understand what it means to be in a mature relationship.

It is important to know that in a mature and healthy relationship partners encourage each other to grow, develop, become the best version of themselves and fulfill their dreams.

5 signs that the man you’re with is controlling your life

3. Asks too many questions about your past

It’s natural to wish you knew a little about your partner’s past. But asking a million questions and trying to find out everything he or she experienced before they met you is really strange. This is a big sign that he is trying to control you.

Furthermore, if you trusted him and told him secrets or gave him intimate details about your past and now he’s using them against you or to make you feel bad for what you did, then it’s clear he wants to mess with your mind and control you.

4. Wants you to stop having a social life

No friends, no parties, no going out. He tries to push you away from all the people you care about and you almost end up doing absolutely nothing social without him. Everything you do, you do together.

5. He’s way too jealous… and paranoid

Since he doesn’t have much to do with his life, he spends all his time trying to control you. He has times when he is very jealous and paranoid for no reason and is constantly trying to check up on you and find out what you are doing or who you are with.

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