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4 men sing a famous song from 1974. At the middle of the song, you get the thrills

Music has the power to soothe the soul and enrich every moment of those people’s life who really love music. The four men on the scene unite their voices in a highly artistic musical piece, enchanting the audience with their interpretation.

Il Divo is the name of the classical music band formed by four artists with amazing voices in the UK in 2004. American singer David Miller, Swiss tenor Urs Bühler, French pop music singer Sébastien Izambard and Spanish baritone Carlos Marín are the four members of the internationally acclaimed group.

The four singers perform the song I Will Always Love You, a song composed by Dolly Parton and included for the first time on the album entitled Jolene released in 1974. At the beginning of the song each of them performs a musical passage, highlighting the expressiveness of their extraordinary voice.

At one point, their voices unite in full harmony, managing to bring incredible emotion on the stage. This high artistic moment is rewarded by the audience with open-hearted applause.

Il Divo has won a lot of international awards interpreting songs in Spanish, Italian, French, English, Portuguese and Latin. More than 26 million discs are the result of a remarkable musical career and their extraordinary voice skills.

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