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Financial horoscope: the three signs that are the big winners this year

2020 is a financially difficult year, and many people are already affected. The stars advise us to be careful, to save and not to make risky investments.

2020 is the year of retrograde planets: Mercury will be followed by Venus and Mars, and this retrograde movement will be reflected in the finances of many people. Money will be harder to earn, than in the previous years, and Uranus in Taurus will imbalance macro financial markets around the world.

However, three signs are privileged even this year, as they will have incredible luck with money. Which are the luckiest signs when it comes to money?

Taurus: a lot of work and earnings to match

Taurus natives will earn a lot of money, more than any other zodiac signs. Bulls are practical, pragmatic and know their interest very well. They work hard to achieve a secure financial status, and their earnings will match their efforts.

They will not need to borrow money, will be able to pay all their bills on time, and will even save significant amounts of their earnings. They will relax only after they have achieved a high financial stability.

Cancer: everything they touch turns to gold

Cancers will be envied by many people because their excellent financial situation. Cancer natives are great at managing budgets bot at work and at home, and can accomplish a lot on a small budget.

The investments they make are profitable, so if you have a Cancer as a business or life partner, you can lean back and let them take your financial matters in their hands. This year, they will turn everything they touch into gold.

Sagittarius: the most lucrative sign

Sagittarius is financially the luckiest sign in 2020. Some of them may become millionaires, and luck will not leave them for a moment, especially in the second half of the year.

Sagittarius natives love to have a lot of money, but they also love spending it, sometimes even managing to empty their bank account and get into debt. But this year will be a special one for them: even if they run out of money, they don’t have to worry at all, because in a very short time their financial situation will improve more than they would have imagined.

They even have a chance to win the lottery this year.

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