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The spiritual meanings of violet: what benefits it brings and how you can use it

We all make personal associations with colors. For example, the color violet might make you think of monarchy, but it actually has many meanings. Here’s what experts say about the meanings of this color.

Since ancient times, people have associated violet with royalty and power, but also with spirituality. Mentalist Nina Ashby, author of Simply Color Therapy, told Mind Body Green that violet has been sought after by the aristocratic class since 1,500 B.C. because dye of this color was very difficult to obtain. So not only was wearing it a status symbol, but those in the lower classes could rarely afford it.

Today, these associations persist, especially those related to spirituality. Ashby mentions that violet is obtained by combining red and blue, red being the lowest vibrational energy in the color spectrum and blue the highest. “Combine them and you get violet, which includes the weakest and strongest energy, and violet is the color of the power of Heaven on Earth,” she explains.

Violet is also associated with the crown chakra and intuition. Through the crown we can manifest whatever we hold in that space. And in terms of psychological effects, violet is a calming and hypnotizing color that allows access to higher levels of consciousness, as Ashby points out.

Overall, research tends to support the idea that violet is appreciated by many people. One study indicated that violet, red-violet and blue-violet are considered “pleasant shades” by most participants. In another study, questionnaires sent with a violet background had a higher completion rate than those with blue, green and red backgrounds.

The positive symbols of the color violet:

  • Royalty
  • Spirituality
  • Intuition
  • Power
  • Luxury
  • Silence
  • Magic
  • Extravagance

Negative symbols of the color violet:

  • Arrogance
  • Mistrust
  • Excessive extravagance

The spiritual meanings of violet

In dreams:

Context is important for dream interpretation. If violet appears in your dreams, you need to pay attention to what happened. In general, when you dream of any color, you should look at its meanings and take them into account when interpreting the dream.
In love:

If violet seems a persuasive color in your relationship (or if you are dating someone with a violet aura), there may be a great concentration of spiritual energy between you and your partner. “People with a violet aura don’t appreciate superficiality or pretense and shouldn’t settle for a superficial relationship,” believes aura reader Rachelle Terry. Violet-loving people need a deep soul connection, she added.

It’s important for those with a predominantly violet aura to set clear boundaries for their partner, says Gabriela Herstik, author of several books on spirituality. That means allowing them to make their own decisions.

In feng shui:

Different colors can mean different things in feng shui, as they are believed to possess the ability to make or break your space. According to feng shui expert Katie Rogers, violet confers a sense of royalty, richness and a high level of spirituality, and in feng shui this translates to wealth, nobility, spiritual depth and wisdom, as well as a sense of complete tranquility.

Since violet is such a spiritual color, you should avoid its presence in your living room if you want to feel more extroverted or connected to the Earth, as violet makes you more introverted.

What the color violet does for your personality

Violet aura is characteristic of the eccentric, occult, spiritual and even fanatical, obsessive and very self-centered, Ashby points out, adding that these people can be quite isolated or distant from others.

The violet personality is often very sensitive and can find it difficult to lead a normal life in public, but can also be creative, a deep thinker who wants the good of humanity, the expert points out.

How to use violet

If you like to add more violet into your life, you can start by wearing more outfits that include this color. It’s also a good color for rooms where you want more tranquility and a calming effect. However, as Ashby mentioned, violet should be avoided if it makes you feel too introverted or too brash.

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