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If you need a real friend, get a dog!

There are many reasons why a dog is often called a person’s best friend! We can learn a lot from dogs, our most faithful companions who are our most loyal allies in all circumstances and give us unconditional love to their last breath.

After a long day at work, there is no better feeling than when your favorite four-legged friend greets you in the doorway. They do not care what you look like, how you are dressed, how you feel, what you brought them – they welcome you with the same enthusiasm day after day.

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A dog’s enthusiasm knows no bounds, does not depend on the weather, is not calculating, and does not depend on any passing mood. All the time, in all circumstances, its love the same. A dog always lives in the present moment, does not regret the past, and does not worry about the future.

We could learn from a god to focus on the present moment, and on the most important thing in life: the “here” and the “now”.

If you need a real friend, get a dog!

The love of a dog is unlimited, and they ask for nothing in return; they are satisfied with what they have, are able to fully enjoy the present moment, and are very intuitive creatures.

Unfortunately, many of us humans have lost the ability to rely on our intuition, so we can learn a lot from a dog in this respect, too.

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By watching a dog’s nonverbal cues and body language, and opening up to their energies, we can learn more from then than from many humans.

Each dog has a special and unique personality, and the years spent with them always give us a wonderful life lesson. We can learn unconditional love, intense enjoyment of each moment, and unconditional faithfulness from these special creatures.

For a dog, every morning is the most beautiful moment, every walk is the best, every meal is the most invigorating, and every game is the most fun. We should learn from our dog how to enjoy life, and how to appreciate unique moments.

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