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How you can start loving yourself by using positive statements

Loving ourselves when things around us are overwhelming is very difficult. In such cases it is the best if we try to squeeze as many good things in our lives as possible. Of course, this needs some effort.

How to start loving yourself unconditionally?

The whole idea can be viewed as a trip. You have to get to your destination where you talk about yourself lovingly, think of yourself happily and accept your body and soul the way they are. You have to change your view gradually. Here are the steps to achieve this:

1. Replace self-criticism with positive statements

In order to start on this path, you have to believe in the power of positive statements and thoughts. Unfortunately, 80% of people’s thoughts is negative, so you have to strive consciously to eliminate these thoughts. Invest into meditating on what you think of yourself. If you feel like writing, write these thoughts down. If you manage to eliminate negative thoughts, focus on what you are happy about and move on to the next step.

2. Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones

You have the power to change the image established in your mind about yourself. The negative thoughts on your list must be changed into positive ones. First you will feel uncomfortable, but as you progress you will see that the positive thoughts will come easily, almost without thinking. To understand this better, here’s an example: if you listed as one of your faults that you feel ugly, cross the thought and write: “I am an attractive person and everybody sees the beauty in me.”

How you can start loving yourself by using positive statements

3. Create a routine to repeat positive statements

Positive statements are way more than simple sentences. Whatever you manage to build into your thoughts becomes believable, and this is where the change happens. If sometimes you feel like you’re losing your confidence, find this list and read the statements again.

4. Finally, enjoy how your life changes

As your thinking changes, you will develop a much more positive outlook. Repeat at least this statement every day: “I have the opportunity to live in a wonderful body. and I am grateful for this all the time”. After a while, even your surroundings will change and everything will be given for a full life. If you live in peace with yourself, life will offer you gifts, that is, situations and opportunities created just for you.

Nobody can be perfect. It is up to you to live at peace with yourself instead of putting yourself down continuously. Enjoy the power of positive statements, and change your self-image in small steps. Live in harmony with your body, soul and personality, and don’t allow yourself to be kept back from the life you always wanted by your doubts and fears.

How you can start loving yourself by using positive statements

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