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The biggest “lapdog” in the world: the St. Bernard curls up in its owner’s lap like a kitten

When we hear “lapdog”, it’s not exactly the image of a St. Bernard that springs to mind. But many cuddly giants are unaware of their real size, and 165-pound Max is an extreme example.

His owner begins his story with an indulgent smile, but with some persuasive power in his voice. The latter is necessary because he himself knows that it is not every day that a tree feet tall, almost 165-pound St. Bernard snuggles up to you like a tiny kitten. Yet that’s exactly what his beloved four-legged friend Max does.

The guests get a treat too

As you can see in the video below, Max not only demands constant attention from his owner, but also wants to get his share of the attention from visitors. In the video, he jumps into the lap of the trainer lady who comes to their aid – much to her surprise, which is reflected in her expression.

He has caused injuries

Albeit unintentionally, the giant love bomb can be dangerous at times: on several occasions, he has caused injuries with his outbursts of gentleness. His owner tells himself that he has had to seek medical attention for bruises.

The biggest “lapdog” in the world: the St. Bernard curls up in its owner’s lap like a kitten
Photo: It’s Me or the Dog/YouTube

Of course, these incidents were only accidental, and the cuddly St. Bernard has no idea that he can cause injuries because of his huge weight and size.

In the video below, his owner shows some of his injuries.

For this reason, the trainer advises Max’s owner to instruct their guests how to interact with Max. Among other things, they should not allow the dog to jump on them, but instead lay him on the floor and stroke him while gently holding his paws. This way, he cannot accidentally hit or scratch them.

As he uses his paws mostly to get attention, the expert advises that if he starts to “scratch” them with his paws, leave the dog alone for a short while. This teaches him that this is not the right way to make contact.

It is worth consulting a professional

The ideas highlighted above are suggestions for Max and his owner, but if you are in the same situation with your pet, or are experiencing any other behavioral problems with your pet, it is worth seeking professional help as soon as possible. He or she will be able to deal with the situation quickly and specifically, saving you a lot of time and energy.

This doesn’t mean you won’t have to deal with it, and you’ll still have the lion’s share of the work, but you’ll get there much faster if you take professional advice. And then you can enjoy all the joys provided by the company of a dog.

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