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How do store honey to preserve its properties

Honey is a natural bee product with many health benefits, a source of energy and a powerful natural antibiotic.

How should we store honey so that it does not lose its properties?

Here’s what to do:

Store honey in a clean glass recipient.

Do not mix honey from two jars together.

Old honey contains fermentation germs that can contaminate fresh honey, which will ferment and changes its taste and smell.

How do store honey to preserve its properties

Honey must not be stored in recipients made of plastic, aluminum, copper, lead, zinc and alloys, as acids can react with these materials and form chemical compounds that are very toxic.

Honey stored in a glass jar will be protected from light and excessive heat.

Light and heat will cause depreciation of the qualities of honey, which can be easily noticed by a change in color (it becomes darker).

If honey has crystallized, it should be warmed up slightly by placing the container in a hot water bath – but never on direct heat!

Also, only that amount used immediately should be heated, because heated honey ferments much easier.

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