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Man who died for 20 minutes says: “I did not want to come back”

Scott Drummond tells about dying and briefly finding himself in heaven after being medically pronounced dead for 20 minutes.

What happens to us when we die? Although we do not yet know the answer, there have been some remarkably interesting accounts of what happens to us when we die. In a recent interview, Scott Drummond claimed to have died and gone to heaven.

The man had undergone a routine operation at the age of 28, but something went wrong with his body, and he died. He said that he watched his body from above and witnessed the desperate attempts of doctors to revive him.

Man died and came back to life

“In some ways it was the most beautiful thing I have ever been a part of, the way they were fighting to get me back,” Scott said. Ever since then, he believes that death is nothing to be afraid of, as it is one of the most beautiful things you can experience. Drummond felt that Jesus Christ reached out for him through the clouds to lead him to heaven.

“I thought, and I heard it very clearly in my head, ‘it is time to go’. And the next moment I was standing in a beautiful meadow.I looked over to the left and there was some great big tall trees, and I remember they were the most unusual looking trees, they had a long trunk with leaves up on top, and there were lots of them. Then to the right of that, which would be still to the left of me, was wildflowers, beautiful wildflowers, and they were up about to my waist. And I just remember looking and seeing how beautiful the flowers were, because something that I really enjoy is yard work and gardening and I just remembered the vivid colours were magnificent.,” he recounted.

A man who was dead for 20 minutes tells of heaven: “I did not want to come back”
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“The next thing I knew the person that had escorted me there was not there any more and I was by myself, but it was so peaceful. Then a powerful arm reached out to me; I will never forget that sense of security I felt. I was curious to know what he wanted, and he said it was not the right time, as I had a lot of work to do still on the Earth. Then the arm disappeared into the clouds,” Scott continued.

“That was when I returned to my body. The doctor told me that I was struggling a lot. But that struggle was because I did not want to come back, as everything was so peaceful over there. When I woke up, I had a tag on my chest that said I had been pronounced dead 20 minutes ago. I was in the most peaceful place I have ever been. I have never felt so peaceful in my life.”

Source: Prioritize Your Life

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