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This woman was 72 years old when she became pregnant

At the age at which they might have been grandparents, a woman in India and her husband finally had the baby they wanted for a lifetime. Even though the joy of his coming to the world was immense, as he grows up, his needs are higher than what has been expected.

Daljinder Kaur and her husband Mohinder Singh Gill had their son through in vitro fertilization after unsuccessfully trying to have a child without medical help for 46 years. For most of their lives they could not afford fertility treatment and almost lost their hope of having a baby.

The couple are now the parents of a little boy, Armaan, whom they wholeheartedly want to raise well. They don’t regret having become parents at this age, although the little one often exhausts them completely. The parents’ health is not the best; they both suffer from high blood pressure and aching joints.

“As he is growing, it’s getting ever harder to lift him. The high blood pressure I suffer from tires me out very quickly. I have consulted several doctors who prescribed me medicine and a diet plan. I’m worried about Armaan. I have to take care of my health, but I also have to take care of the baby,” confesses the septuagenarian mother.

At 11 months, the baby is still underweight for his age. Mrs. Kaur could not breastfeed him after the first three months, as he couldn’t gain enough weight. The mother asked doctors to recommend a medicine to help the baby grow, but they told her that the baby had to gain weight naturally.

Even if the age of these parents inevitably will not allow to see their child to grow up to maturity, they trust that relatives will help him, and any member of their family can be appointed as Armaan’s guardian.

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