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5 ways to help your soul be strong in hard times

Hard times are a common part of life. Developing coping skills for these difficult situations can help us get through them without major damage.

Do you want your soul be truly strong during tough times? Then learn the following ways of coping recommended by psychologists:

1. Change your perspective

If you’re facing a difficult situation, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. Changing your perspective helps you see things from a new angle and free yourself from the effects of a negative mindset. Talk to yourself as you would talk to your best friend; encourage yourself and help yourself find the strength to move forward.

Example: “I know it’s hard, but I also know that my soul is incredibly strong. I’ve been through so many hard things… I’ll get through this too.”

2. Practice positive projection

Even the most difficult situations also have a possible upside. Positive projection involves focusing on the possible positive outcomes of a situation. Positive projection requires turning positive intention into words.

Example: “There are not many jobs available, but I have a very good CV and an impressive skills.”

3. Give up the need to be in control

While you may think that the best response to a difficult situation is to take control, sometimes letting go can help you become emotionally calmer.

Try to stop being so critical of yourself during difficult times because these situations come with challenges that are not of your making, and the more you try to control the outcomes of a difficult situation, the more stressed you become.

4. Find purpose and meaning

It’s time to find a sense of meaning and purpose, as this can often be the very impetus you need so your heart can fill with hope again and your soul becomes eager to move forward.

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