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“God’s masterpiece” – Andrea Bocelli and his children surprised the world with a beautiful Christmas song

Italian singer Andrea Bocelli surprised the world with a beautiful Christmas song, which he sang together with his children, Matteo and Virginia. The video shot for the song is spreading like wildfire on the Internet.

Andrea Bocelli’s Christmas album was released last year, and ‘The Greatest Gift’ is the first song in which the singer sings with his children, Matteo and Virginia. A great video was shot for the song last year, in which they performed this song on top of a lookout point on Mont Blanc.

“In this album, I rediscover the values that give meaning and strength to my life. Being able to celebrate Holy Christmas singing with my children is a great blessing. Sharing this enriched content is our way of renewing our good wishes to you and symbolically embracing the larger family, of which we are all a part,” said Andrea Bocelli at the release of the A Family Christmas album.

The song ‘The Greatest Gift’ celebrates peace and love, a heartfelt gift for everyone. The voices of Andrea, Matteo and Virginia Bocelli sound together in perfect harmony.

The video uploaded to YouTube has been viewed by over 700,000 people, and it has received numerous positive comments.

“This song makes us realize that the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with all the people we loved is the most beautiful gift because not everyone can feel it”.

“I’ll cry after I hear the first stanza of the song truly God’s Masterpiece. Thank you LORD for all the Guidance and Blessing and to the singers who lift up your Name to the most high.”

“Thanks to God for these beautiful angelic voices! Such a beautiful song!We need this song in this turbulent times! As we prepare n wait fr Christ’s birth! God Bless Everyone now n always!”

“These are those moments that remain forever in our hearts. This family rescued and rescued for us, the true Spirit of Christmas!!! They are voices of Angels of the Lord. And, my beloved Italian Prince Matteo Bocelli is this perfect sculpture, minimally detailed by the Greatest Father!!! One of his works of art!!! I always say this, about the lyrics of the Brazilian song that, I’m sure today, was composed for my beloved Principe: “When God designed you, He was dating!!!” God bless them!!! Gratitude for these moments!!”

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