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The secret why Italians never become overweight, even if they eat pasta every day

Just look at the profiles of the most famous Italian Instagram celebrities to see that none of them have an ounce of excess weight. Ferragni Chiara, Eleonora Chiara, Nasti Caris and all others have a dream figure, even though they regularly consume pasta. How is this possible?

We would like to reveal to you one of the great secrets of the Italians, who continue to enjoy one of their traditional dishes without worrying about gaining extra pounds.

Only 7% of the Italian population plays sports regularly, and most of Italians may never have been physically active. In addition, pasta is one of the staple foods that they consume virtually every day. The combination of these two factors is a strong basis for obesity, but there is a trick.

The secret: al dente

Al dente means nothing more than cooking pasta or vegetables just enough to become edible, far from soft or soggy. In this way, the glycemic index of pasta remains lower, which is more beneficial for the body.

The glycemic index expresses how fast a food can raise blood sugar level. This depends largely on the composition of the food and on how it is prepared.

If a food has a very high glycemic index, it will lead to elevation in blood glucose and insulin levels. High insulin levels push the metabolism in the direction of storage and help build up fat; also, fluctuations in blood glucose cause further hunger.

Conversely, if the glycemic index is low, blood glucose levels remain stable. This prevents the accumulation of fat and prevents pangs of hunger.

The secret why Italians never become overweight, even if they eat pasta every day

How to cook pasta al dente?

Pasta should only be cooked for 1-2 minutes, so for less time than the one shown on the packaging. Test cooking pasta with your fingers to find the point when it is not too hard, but not too soft either.

Serve pasta with spicy pesto, tomato sauce, seafood, meatballs, etc.

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