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7 Christmas Movies on Netflix That Are Worth Watching Right Now

Do you also think that there is no Christmas without Kevin, but would you like to watch some new movies in addition to the traditional holiday movies?

It’s a fantastic idea, and you don’t even have to wait until Christmas to do it, because there are several fantastic Christmas movies available on Netflix right now, which are guaranteed to bring the festive mood and make the last weeks of the year more beautiful.

1. Klaus – The Secret Story of Christmas (2019)

Sergio Pablos’ Oscar-nominated animated film is a real gem, with every single frame rich in detail, hand-drawn, and a truly witty story. It’s no coincidence that he even received an Oscar nomination. But what makes his story so heartwarming? At its center is the unexpected friendship between a selfish postman and an aloof toy maker, which perfectly demonstrates that hope is not in vain and that there is still selfless love in the world.

2. Love Hard (2021)

Natalie is a journalist working in Los Angeles who, like many other young women, longs for love. As an avid user of Tinder, she goes through a lot of disappointment which, even if they are not good for anything else, inspires a series of articles in the newspaper. One day, however, a surprisingly attractive man, who lives no less than 5,000 kilometers away, stumbles into her life.

After a long chat, Natalie decides to surprise him and wants them to spend Christmas together. She undertakes the long journey, but when she gets to her destination, she doesn’t find exactly what she expects. A completely different man opens the door for her than the one she saw in the pictures. Soon, however, she finds the man she was originally expecting to meet, and the whole adventure turns into a huge Christmas ball.

3. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (2020)

The story of the Christmas of the Jangle family is already wonderfully established by the fact that John Legend wrote songs for it, but the visual world of the film is no less magnificent. At the center of the story, Forest Whitaker gives a fantastic performance as a toy maker who loses his wife and an apprentice steals his blueprints. However, his resourceful grandson reawakens his hope that life has plenty of miracles in store even for him.

4. Christmas With You (2022)

Angelina is a popular pop star whose recording company is expecting from her a Christmas hit to relaunch her career. Inspiration doesn’t come, however, until she notices a 15-year-old girl covering her song in a video in an amazing way. And when she gets to know the girl personally, she also meets her father, a single parent, with whom they quickly become friends and start composing songs together, enjoying many exciting moments.

5. Dash and Lily (2020)

Dash and Lily’s story is actually a modern version of the 1998 miniseries You’ve Got Mail starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. It centers on two young people from New York, who begin to correspond around Christmas after one of them finds the other’s notebook in a bookstore and put each other to various tests until one day they decide to meet in person. But it’s best to find out what comes out of it when you’re comfortably nested on your couch, in the company of a mug of hot chocolate.

6. Let It Snow (2019)

This truly lovable romance takes place in the picturesque suburb of Illinois, where a Christmas Eve blizzard turns the lives of local high school seniors upside down. Love is woven from unexpected encounters and old friendships in this charming story, and after watching it, it is almost certain that you too will feel that you wish Christmas came around more than just once a year.

7. A Very Murray Christmas (2015)

The 2015 film by the wonderful Sofia Coppola is a magical Christmas musical comedy starring Bill Murray as a singer. He is about to present a Christmas cabaret in the bar of the Carlyle Hotel in New York, but a raging snowstorm begins to override his plans. But could it be that everything doesn’t turn out well at Christmas? If you watch this great movie, you will not only get the answer to this question, but can also find out how Miley Cyrus and George Clooney get into this story that easily steals into our hearts.

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