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10 sentences that only a person of low intelligence says to another person

In every woman’s life, there are situations when the man she loves ends up not being the handsome prince, but at best his horse, and at worst – the donkey from the cartoon “Shrek”. What are the phrases that indicate that we communicate with a man of low intelligence, and when is it better to ignore him?

Here are the ten most offensive phrases that should convince you to run away immediately.

A woman’s place is in the kitchen

You are looking at a common sexist. This man already has certain fossilized attitudes and stereotypes, and condemns and criticizes any action that does not fit into his worldview. According to him, it is every woman’s ultimate dream to stand over a pot in the kitchen every day of her life.

This is what my mother says (used to say)

Of course it’s normal for a man to love his mother, but to endlessly refer to her and quote her as the source of infallibility and universal wisdom is very wrong and irritating. That is why we must not overly refer to the woman who raised us, however right she may be. Let us have our own opinions and positions, which differ from those of the person who gave us life.

All my exes were terrible

If a man says unpleasant things to you about his ex, that is a very bad sign. If you break up with him for some reason, he will say bad things about you too. And as soon as he finds a new, sympathetic listener, he will complain that you were not a bunny but a bloated crocodile.

You need to lose weight

This and all similar insulting comments about your appearance are categorically unacceptable. Nothing gives anyone the right to belittle another person, especially because of how they look and how old they are or how much they weigh. If you give in to the provocation and agree to change for his sake, he will realize that you have low self-esteem and will continue to satisfy his ego at your expense.

I forbid you to…

How can you forbid anything to a mentally healthy adult? It doesn’t matter what exactly the person is objecting to, they have no right to inflict it on you. Of course, such a partner may try to justify himself by saying that he cares about you, but he has no right to interfere with your decisions, and it is better to tell him openly that you do not like such prohibitions.

You can’t go to work

Some men’s partners can afford not to work. But even if you don’t plan to build a career, you shouldn’t be left without a personal source of income and become dependent on your partner. Because at a wonderful moment, a generous and loving man may turn out to be a real miser and start to limit you.

Cheating is normal for a man – it’s in his nature

According to this logic, it turns out that if you find out that your partner is cheating, you have to put yourself in his shoes and forgive him. If you are faced with a man who has already cheated on his ex, keep in mind that you could be next.

You have to motivate me

Lazy men are always waiting for their inspirational woman to help them, but it will never happen. They will remain demotivated and lazy, constantly making silly excuses. But for their friends, they will be ready to party every night.

How many men have you had?

A stupid question, asked by a man with low self-esteem. The man who wants to know how many lovers you’ve had is terrified of being compared to someone else. Instead of blushing or turning pale, it’s better to answer him honestly and shut him up from the start.

I’m never lucky, I’m a loser

This gentleman can never find a four-leaf clover, simply because he’s not looking! He constantly blames his sign or his fate and does absolutely nothing to change it. Indeed, we all go through difficult times and sometimes circumstances are not in our favor. But if you don’t want to take responsibility for your life, you are very infantile.

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