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Toxic comments that can easily ruin a relationship

You dream of a harmonious relationship, but to achieve this, you have to work every day. Negative words and phrases can have a very damaging effect that can deteriorate a relationship. It’s often worth thinking before you say something, especially in the heat of an argument. Instead, count to ten and only then say anything.

Reproaches, constant bickering, teasing, telling others what to do can tear relationships apart almost unnoticeably, we just wonder why there’s a problem.

“I don’t care”

Indifference is evidence of selfishness and emotional discord. A relationship is a game of two people relating to each other with interest and devotion. There is no subordination or superiority, the two complement each other and become one. If you feel and say that you are not interested in the other person on a regular basis, it’s worth thinking things over.

“It’s your fault”

It’s a sign of immaturity or selfishness if you put the blame on the other person. Even something is obviously your partner’s fault, it’s good to take an empathetic approach and work together to find the source of the problem.

In a relationship where the partners are constantly calling each other to responsibility, blaming each other for everything, refusing to accept each other’s point of view, any attempt to build a harmonious and healthy relationship is pointless.

“Leave me alone”

There are situations when this phrase hides a lot of dissatisfaction, sadness and loneliness. When someone says this, it may mean that they still feel alone in the company of their partner. But even then, communication can turn dissatisfaction into solutions. By saying these words, the partner suggests that they feel much better alone.

“Anyone else would have been capable to do this”

Lack of appreciation, gratitude and close emotional connection upsets the balance in a relationship. If your partner is constantly comparing you to others, making accusations, sooner or later it will not be pleasant to exist in such a relationship.

A simple word or phrase can leave such a deep impression on the other person that they lose trust and interest completely, and the relationship slowly dies. If two people love each other, they will do their best to stay in a close emotional relationship, which is why they avoid using poisonous words.

“I hate you”

Hate harbors a lot of negative emotions, anger and hurt, and it is not easy to get rid of these. Partners who love and respect each other do not allow themselves to talk like this. They know how important it is to behave with integrity and honesty, without bringing up personal frustrations and past traumas.

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