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Psychologists reveal 5 unexpected signs that you have met your true love

Here are the unexpected signs that you’ve met your true love, according to psychologists: When it comes to soulmates, everything is more intense than we would think. And that’s because soulmates are a divine gift.

How do you know you’ve met your soulmate? Sometimes you just see a person for the first time and you’re immediately drawn to them. You feel sparks igniting around you and it feels like the whole world slows down. Somewhere, deep inside your heart, you feel that the other person feels the same way you do.

Soulmate connection is an instant connection, an intuitive connection that has divine power. The magnetism is often palpable, impossible to ignore.

Here are the unexpected signs that you’ve met your true love, according to psychologists:

1. Eye contact is intense

Eye contact is extremely powerful when you first meet your soulmate. Just looking at the way two people look at each other and you can tell a lot about their bond and connection. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, so what better way to tell if we’ve met our true love than eye contact?

2. Genuine smiles appear that simply can’t be wiped off the lips

It’s hard to stop smiling when you’re around your soulmate. After all, you feel a strong attraction that brings you even closer to them. How can you not smile when experiencing such magic?

3. There is true happiness in your heart

The moment you meet your soulmate, everything makes sense. You understand why you’ve had to go through everything you’ve been through, and your heart is suddenly overwhelmed with true happiness and gratitude to the Universe. You look at your other half and automatically feel better. One look and your day is incredibly beautiful. This is the true power of soul mates!

4. You lose track of time

When you’re around your soulmate, hours seem like minutes. Time flies by in ways that leave you speechless and you always feel like everything is going by way too fast. Sometimes you think you’d need 10 more lifetimes with them to do everything you want.

5. You feel safe

You’ve never felt this feeling before: with your soulmate you feel protected. You feel safe and you know that no one and nothing can hurt you. You instinctively know that they will always be there to take care of you and make your days better.

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