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A soul mate is not a perfect lover, but your teacher

Real soul mates come into your life to teach you valuable and often difficult lessons.

Many people think that a kindred spirit is a person who suddenly appears in our lives, does everything perfectly and “completes” us – as if before meeting them we weren’t complete persons. This concept is a huge mistake. How could another person solve all your problems?

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Kindred spirits come into our life to improve it by teaching valuable lessons about life and the world in general. These encounters are not meant to bring chaos into your life, but to establish an order when all things seem confusing.

Also, a soul mate doesn’t have to be your boyfriend or girlfriend. He or she can be your friend, brother, sister, or anyone who can teach you something you need to know. This is not an easy task, which means that such relationships are far from ideal.

A soul mate is not a perfect lover, but your teacher

They force you to offer your best in each situation, and may often make you angry and upset. Nevertheless, all these events and reactions have their purpose. Diamonds are made under a lot of pressure.

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A simple and easygoing relationship will never teach you anything, because it offers you no trials.

A word of warning: don’t confuse your soul mate with a toxic person who is trying to manipulate you into acting in a way that suits him or her.

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