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Winter Solstice 2022: are the four zodiac signs strongly and positively impacted by the energy of the Solstice on December 21

On December 21, at 23:38 (Central European time), the Winter Solstice, also known as midwinter, will occur. Astronomically speaking, this is the special moment when the length of daylight is the shortest and the length of darkness is the longest of the year. In other words, on 21 December we will have the shortest day and longest night of 2022.

Spiritually and astrologically, the winter solstice is a day of special vibrancy, a day when we can feel more connected to the energies and environment around us, a perfect day when we can dive into the depths of our being, into our own truth, to feel comfortable with both our lights and shadows, the darkness and light that dwell within us so that light, warmth, balance, hope and love can ultimately win out.

With the Winter Solstice, the Sun also moves into the earth sign of Capricorn, a telluric, responsible and pragmatic sign, and although all the zodiac signs will be affected by the energy of this Winter Solstice, there are a few zodiac signs that will feel these cosmic energy changes the most, especially the following:


With the house of self, public image and career well aspected by the Sun on December 21, Aries feels particularly motivated professionally, while activating all of their resources to achieve its present and future goals. Aries has a kind of radiance around the Winter Solstice that makes them grow in the eyes of others or be looked at with admiring eyes, to be noticed and appreciated.

At the same time, Aries may enjoy some unprecedented opportunities that take them out of their comfort zone, but which can bring them a deep sense of fulfilment and satisfaction as they are offered the chance to fulfil certain dreams, perhaps even to travel in the second half of December. Also, certain astral conjunctions created by Chiron, the Great Healer, teach Aries to let go of the idea of control and focus instead on what they can do to better understand themselves and understand that what happens on the outside is sometimes an expression of what takes place within us.


The Winter Solstice of 2022 also has a profound influence on the sign of Cancer, enlivening their romantic and relationship zone in a way that, while perhaps not exactly comfortable for the dreamy and emotional state Cancer would like to sink into during this period (yes, they would prefer to listen to the voice of emotion rather than logic and reason), can actually change the status of their love relationship for the better. Under the influence of the Solstice and the Capricorn season, the sign of Cancer will find that they have to work pragmatically on their love and social relationships, they will have to get more involved, plan or organize certain practical aspects of their life.

Although not exactly in the mood for these aspects, once the Cancer gets to grips with them and plans their future in an active and involved way, their life will improve almost dramatically and their connections with others will deepen beyond the boundaries they have set for themselves. In the case of some Cancer natives, this may be about planning a trip, a wedding or a move for two to a new place. Sometimes we need some stable and secure directions to take us where we dream of going, even in love.


Under the energy of the Winter Solstice, the Capricorn native feels fabulous and takes their personal power back, shaking off old patterns that have caused them to be trapped in unhealthy relationships or circumstances in the past. Once they change their outlook, their life will change, too, and extraordinary solutions will emerge for problems that seemed hopeless. Light and hope will once again knock on Capricorn’s door once this year’s winter solstice is over.

Thus, during this period, this earth sign feels much more self-confident, aware of their own value and their enormous potential, so they will assert themselves easily and gain respect, even in those matters where they previously felt insecure, vulnerable or indecisive. In the minds of many Capricorn natives’ clarity appears as the main coordinate, and from now on they will stand proud and dignified in front of anyone and any situation, perfectly aware of what they want and don’t want, speaking up and imposing their personal limits in relationships. Capricorn becomes an unstoppable force!


The 2022 Winter Solstice vibration affects Libra’s emotions and emotional connections, causing them to focus on themselves, even if on a smaller and more intimate level, especially in their family and inner circle. Thus, Libra feels a deep need to connect with loved ones during this time – that’s why they may organize certain family/social parties or events, building lifelong memories, while also remaining connected to themselves and their inner nature with a grace and power of understanding that only this sign of balance can possess.

In those couples where Libra natives were facing some tensions or disagreements, it is very likely that a ray of hope and light will make its presence felt and unexpected solutions will be found. This may even mean sudden reconciliations or finding a common path of communication based on honesty, empathy and tenderness. Single Libra natives may experience adventure and some totally unexpected surprises from the universe, as well as experiencing a wonderful holiday, perhaps even in a faraway place, where they have every chance of meeting their soul mate and spending unforgettable moments.

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