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The angels’ message for 2021: read the messages of the angels

In 2021, our guardian angels will be present in our lives to support and guide us and make suggestions; however, it is important to emphasize that they respect our free will, so it is up to us to make the final decision.

The year 2021 will be characterized by the energy of number 5, which promotes spiritual rebirth, forgiveness, compassion and inner purification, and all these can help spiritual development.

The following are the messages of the angels, broken down by months.


In the first month of the year, we will be assisted by Archangel Raziel, who encourages us to be open to new opportunities and leave old was behind. We should try to get in touch with as many positive people as possible to fill up with positive energy. Archangel Michael tells you this January: “Listen to and respect your feelings.”


This month brings us the healing energy of water. We can be more sensitive this month. Get rid of our control mania and pay attention to the effects of masculine energies that can affect our lives. We should be curious, open our hearts and souls to new opportunities and trust our friends and partner, as we may undergo a test this month that will show how strong our love is.


March is the month of action, so we need to take steps to make our desires and dreams come true. We may regret some of our decisions and tensions may arise with our parents and family members because of conflicts of interest. Several problems may arise at the same time, which need to be solved fast. Archangel Michael says, “You caused the situation, so it is your job to solve it.”


In April, we will enjoy the help of Archangel Jeremiel. This month, we need to continue working towards our goals. We can express our opinion and lifestyle. It is beneficial if we help our family members, especially our parents, because the joy of giving always creates positive energy. Archangel Jeremiel helps in the processing of the past, so we can avoid the development of spiritual problems.


In May, Archangel Jofiel will help and advise us, especially by making certain issues clear and disperse illusions. We will realize who are the people around us who wear a mask, and our self-confidence will be strengthening at this time. We are no longer allowed to be deceived by false and double minded people, as we will notice the false intentions in time. We should take advantage of the positive opportunities, listen to our intuition when making decisions, and we should not rely on our ego.


June will be a roller coaster period. We will face a number of emotional fluctuations, mostly caused by disappointment in old friends. We should strive to control our emotions and maintain our confidence and courage. Archangel Michael encourages us to gather information before making decisions.


This month Archangel Michael calls our attention to change, and this change will be definitely positive. It’s time to prepare for unexpected changes. Be courageous and ambitious, and be prepared for the change. Michael Archangel advises that we always write down our desires and thoughts in a small notebook and go over them from time to time to stay consistent and persistent in achieving our goals.


In August, we can expect an increase in mental energies; if we focus on what we want to achieve in life, it can easily come true at this time. This month, we can expect some changes in old beliefs. We should not believe in every promise we hear, and we should ask for help if we need any. A sense of humor can help in surpassing difficulties.


In September, we should put emphasis on intuition, empathy and patience, in order to be able to overcome the arising difficulties. This month, we should not force anything; instead, we should try to deal with our own feelings, and put our trust into higher energies. Archangel Michael tells us that in September we will find out who are our true friends, that is, people that we can trust.


In October, we will know what we need to do to make things happen the way we want. It is important to pay attention to the details, because they may often contain the key to our success. We will have to face doubts and worries, but they can be overcome easily with the help of a specialist. Archangel Michael advises that harmful, unhealthy human relationships should be put an end to at this time, because these may cause many psychological problems in the future.


In November inactivity and ignorance will come to an end, and finally we will see the goal we want to realize clearly. We should be attentive and learn everything thoroughly, because knowledge is power. The possibilities will be given; we only have to make good use of them. Archangel Michael suggests that we always choose the path of happiness and do things that provide us with motivation.


In December we will feel tired, and almost everything will bother us. We will be impatient, which is quite exhausting. Sleep problems may occur; lots of rest, relaxation and recharging offer the best solution at this time. We should go on a holiday, and enjoy a wellness center to refresh our soul and body.

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