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Do you think you’re old at 50? Here’s what scientists say

We have good news for those who are 40, 50 or 55 years old: now old age begins at 75-80 years. That is, 25 years later than for the generation of our parents.

Until recently, there were only three main periods in human life: youth, maturity and old age. Nowadays, “maturity” happens at around 50 years old, and marks a new beginning that simply did not exist before.

What do we know about maturity?

1. This phase takes almost 30 years – from the age of 50 to about 75.

2. Unlike according to the previously accepted mentality, the physical and intellectual capacities of people don’t diminish, but remain the same or even improve if they are taken good care of.

3. Potentially, this is the most qualitative period of human life, because it may combine health, power and life experience. According to all the statistics of the recent years, the happiest time of life comes at around 65 years of age.

4. The generation of those who are between 55-65 years old now live this period for the first time in the history of mankind. It hardly existed before, as most people aged much earlier.

5. In the coming decades, people aged 50-75 will become the largest age group on the planet.

Do you think you're old at 50? Here's what scientists say

We rarely realize that the life patterns we follow strictly during our life have actually been imprinted into our minds by previous generations. Also, previous generations created those books, films and the educational system that shaped our consciousness in our childhood and youth.

However, previous generations had no idea of ​​life after 50 years, simply because it was largely treated as if it didn’t exist. That is why these years are not included in the life program we have inherited.

According to statistics, for those who are around 50-55 years old today, old age will begin not earlier than at 80 years. This sounds very, very pleasant, of course. We have just gained 25 years of active and busy life! The problem is that we have not been taught how to use this gift. As a result, by crossing the threshold of 50 years and accepting prematurely old age out of ignorance, we risk losing 25-30 years, which – without exaggeration – could be the best in our lives.

After 50 years, there is a wonderful time in life when you have time, health, power, freedom from social obligations and experience according to modern standards for another quarter of a century!

Don’t waste this time!

If you are over 50 years old, you can enjoy many new things: new hobbies, new joys and impressions, a new career, a new love, new trips. And the quality of these life impressions far exceeds what was available in your youth or maturity burdened with obligations.

Live and enjoy living!

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