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Figs: an excellent solution to replace sugar. The health benefits of figs

Figs are a great way to replace sugar. The fig tree is an unpretentious and slow growing shrub that belongs to the genus Ficus. Figs are very popular in Mediterranean countries, and they have been used in food preparation for a long time.

Figs are small, pear-shaped fruits with a sweet-sour taste, very juicy when eaten fresh. A fig contains an average of 84% ​​water and a maximum of 18% carbohydrates, as well as proteins, cellulose, acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, latex, enzymes, minerals, etc. Figs also contain beta-carotene, flavonoids and an enzyme called ficin. They can be eaten ripe, wither fresh or dried, or in fruit compotes and jams.

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The health benefits of figs

  • Figs regulates blood pressure due to their potassium content;
  • They improve digestion – they are a source of fibers, while ficin fights constipation;
  • They prevent cancer – the risk of cancer decreases due to the high content of antioxidants in figs;
  • They strengthen the bone system – figs are an important source of calcium, and the potassium content prevents its elimination;
  • They protect eyesight – thanks to their vitamin A content, figs protect the eyes and prevent certain eye degenerations;
  • They lower cholesterol levels – due to Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that mobilize fats;
  • Other internal benefits – figs are recommended for the treatment of diseases such as tonsillitis, bronchitis, irregular menstrual cycles, cystitis, gastritis, gingivitis, asthenia, etc.;
    Other external benefits – figs reduce vitiligo stains, can speed up the healing of various skin inflammations such as wounds, wounds, warts, etc.;
  • Cosmetic benefits – due to the vitamins and essential fatty acids they contain, figs have anti-wrinkle, revitalizing, skin care and skin repair properties. The skin becomes more elastic and velvety thanks to the many beneficial substances found in figs. The composition of figs makes them useful in make-up remover and skin exfoliant products.

Figs: an excellent solution to replace sugar. The health benefits of figs

Figs are an excellent substitute for sugar, and therefore perfect in diets

Figs can be an excellent substitute for sugar. Puree made from figs can even be used to replace fats in recipes. For this, soak 225 grams of figs in water, and then place them in a blender with a maximum of 1/3 cup of water and mix until you obtain a fine composition. You can use fig puree in cookies and cakes (they can completely replace sugar and half the amount of fat) and in coffee (diluted with water).

Dried figs are a great solution to substitute sugary foods when you crave sweets. They are also excellent for the digestive system, as they fight constipation and promote detoxification.

Rich in fibers, figs provide a feeling of satiety. They can be eaten in the morning in cereals with vegetable milk or in fruit smoothies.

Figs contain fibers that provide satiety, have properties by which they improve the functioning of the digestive system and fight high cholesterol or diabetes.

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Even though figs are very helpful in weight loss diets, their excessive consumption should be avoided.

  • Excessive consumption of figs can lead to diarrhea;
  • Consumed with animal milk, figs lead to weight gain. They are recommended for children to gain weight and strengthen their skeletal system;
  • Although figs improve the bone system, excessive consumption increases the infusion of oxalates which are harmful to calcium and iron deposits;
  • Although they have so many benefits for the skin, consuming figs in excess increases the skin’s sensitivity to ultraviolet rays.

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