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2:2 magical portal: thanks to divine energies, healing begins now

What is past is no longer important, only the present moment matters. It’s up to you to make the present important, to take advantage of the opportunities or risk to remain trapped in suffering, disappointment and pain.

February 2 will be a day of extraordinary divine energy. The cosmos will open the magical portal of 2:2 and help heal our souls once and for all, so that we can step into the new path ahead with an open heart. We will find our purpose and shape our lives accordingly.

February 2 prepares us for a new beginning

We are exactly where we need to be. Everything that has happened so far has helped us get this far in our lives. The guardian angels advise us not to lament our past, but to embrace it with all our strength, because everything we have experienced so far has been for our benefit.

We have learned important lessons, overcome difficult moments, grown more than ever before, prepared for this moment, a new beginning, an exciting new chapter.

We are ready to accept our fate and take the first step towards ultimate change. We are ready to leave everything behind and start afresh. We’re strong, eager to fulfill our dreams, to find our place in the world with ease.

Why is this day important?

The Universe wants us to know that nothing in this life is by chance. Everything has a purpose, a destiny and a clear course. We are part of this incredible magic and we all have an important place in the cosmos.

On February 2, the Universe will open wide to bring us closer than ever to the divine and the purpose of our souls. It is a magical moment in which we gain access to an unseen magical world. Thanks to the magical energies, our self-confidence will be increased and our most beautiful dreams and desires will be fulfilled.

What does the Universe suggest?

It’s all up to us. If we want to be successful in this life, we have to break away from everything that has happened before, forgive everyone who has ever hurt us, and let go of our pain. Only the moment matters.

It’s up to us how we live it. Do we take advantage of the magic around us, or do we remain trapped in suffering, pain and disappointment?

Yes, the Universe is on our side, offering us the incredible energy of the Cosmos to harness. The power is with us, the choice is ours. Change is up to us and us alone to decide what will happen and how we will go about our lives.

On February 2, a door opens for us that will affect the distant future. The magical energy of this period will help us to be stronger and braver, to believe in ourselves, to face challenges and to venture into the unknown.

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